Thomas Stickler (c1760-1838)
James Stickler (c1793-1855)
Jane Mealing (1766-1829)
Charles Stickler (1832-1891)
Sarah Angell (1797-1863)
Thomas Stickler (1858-1931)
Charles Everett (1802-1839)
Sarah Everett (1834-1912)
Ann Millard (c1802-1841)
Albert Thomas Arthur Stickler (1882-1910)
Thomas Arthur (c1790-c1860)
Thomas Arthur VC (c1835-1902)
Jane ? (c1806-?)
Jeanetta Arthur (c1861-1939)
John Goddard(?-?)
Ann Goddard (c1833-1915)
Jeanetta (?-?)

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