Aleume de Fontaines, Seigneur de Longpre et Fontaine-sur-Somme, Mayor of Abeville was born on an unknown date and died 1204 in (Holy Land) of unspecified causes.

He accompanied Jean of Ponthieu on the fourth crusade where in 1204 he was part of the army besieging Constantinople.


Offspring of Aleume de Fontaines and Laurette de Saint-Valery (c1146-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Hugh de Fontaines (?-?)
Cecilia de Fontaines (?-?) Hugh de Balliol (c1177-1229)

Marie de Fontaines (?-?)
Isambard de Fontaines (?-?)
Walter de Fontaines (?-?)




  • Knighthoods of Christ By Norman Housley, Malcolm Barber

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