Alexander Cringan MacIntyre
Sex: Male
Birth: June 3, 1931
Father: William Cameron MacIntyre (1873-1945)
Mother: Lillias Waugh Cringan (1890-1967)


Name Birth Death

Alexander Cringan MacIntyre - operates a charitable trust benefiting orphanages in north India, throughout Latin America and sometimes the U.S.; Former wife and always friend Dolly, community activist with historic preservation emphasis.

Mark, NMH, Franklin and Marshall, University of Massachusetts, the Sorbonne-Paris, Florida International University, B.S., computer science. Advancing this career in New York City.

Bill, Gulliver Prep (Miami), University of Louisiana - Monroe, B.A. - Videography. Well anchored in his field in Miami.

Lillias - NMH, Skidmore College

Sheffield - NMH, Gettysburg College - honors; own business "", antique couture fashions worldwide; completing her GIA.

Interesting note: Seven MacIntyres in 3 generations have attended NMH: Lillias Waugh Cringan ~ McIntyre and husband W.C. McIntyre, D.D. and family spent several Augusts at NMH conferences after July vacationing with their Cringan, MacDonalds, and Campbells siblings and families in Muskoka.


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