Alexander Morrison (1808-1853)
Alexander Morrison
Sex: Male
Birth: 1808
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Death: 1853
Father: Daniel Morrison (?-1830) (suspected)
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Ann Johnston (1811-1888)
Marriage: March 14, 1837
Salem Township,
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Children: Samuel M. Morrison (1837-1864)
Martha B. Morrison (c1840-?)
John T. Morrison (c1842-?)
Nancy E. Morrison (1844-1871)
Mary J. Morrison (1846-1872)
Margaret E. Morrison (1850-1938)
Alexander J. Morrison (1853-1932)
Sarah B. Morrison (?-?)


Alexander Morrison was born 1808 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. His ancestors are believed to have immigrated from Northern Ireland. Alexander's father was probably Daniel Morrison, listed in the 1810 census of Salem Township, Westmoreland County (who names a son Alexander in his will). However, there were three other Morrison families who lived in Westmoreland County in 1810 and had a son under ten years of age. The heads of household of the three other eligible Morrison families were Agnes Morrison (Salem Township), John Morrison (Union Township) and Robert Morrison (Mount Pleasant Township). Of the four potential families, it is believed that Alexander was born to either Daniel or Agnes, as Alexander eventually married in Salem Township.

Marriage to Sarah JohnstonEdit

On March 14, 1837, Alexander married Sarah Ann Johnston (1811-1888) in Congruity, Salem Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Children by Sarah JohnstonEdit

1850 CensusEdit

The 1850 census of Orange Township, Carroll County Ohio reveals that Alexander was a blacksmith born in Pennsylvania. He was 38 years old, according to the census, and the value of his real estate was $400. Also listed in the household were his wife Sarah, and children Samuel Morrison (12 years old), M. Morrison (10 years old), Jno. Morrison (8 years old), N. Morrison (6 years old) and M.J. Morrison (4 years old). All of the children were born in Ohio, while Alexander's wife Sarah was born in Ireland. Alexander died prior to the 1860 census.

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