The following information was provided by White 1902:263 concerning Alexander Walker who we call "the Hammerite". Some of this information may not in fact relate to this Alexander Walker.

  • He was present at the ordination of Rev. Sammuel Cummings, April 17, 1766.
  • He served in the Colonial War.
  • See Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. VIII, No. 3, Page 278-9:

James Buchanan, Captain; Will Evans, Lieutendant; Joseph Cotton, Ensign; John Mitchell, Sergent, Augusta County, VA, 1742. Alexander Walker, John Walker, Joseph Walker, Charles Campbell, John Moor, Matthew Lyle, Charles Hays, Andrew Martin, Samuel Walker, John Gray, Samuel Gray, Thomas McSpeden, William Armstrong and others. The above was taken from the collection of Mss. left by Dr. Lyman Draper to the Historical Society of Wisconsin.

  • The State Archives of Pennsylvania, 2nd Series, Vol. 14, State Dept. Library 1775-1783, has the following:

The Associated Battles and Militia of the Revolution, July 12, 1776. James McDowell, Captain of the West Nottingham Company. Privats: Alexander Walker, John Walker, Matthew Walker. East Nottingham Company-- Alexander Walker, 2nd Lieutendant. Privates: Andrew Walker, John Walker, Willie Rutherford. Commentary: There is no reason to believe that this record pertains to Alexander the Hammerite. While the record refers to an "Alexander Walker", it refers to him in the Nottingham area of Chester Co PA in 1776, when we would expect Alexander the Hammerite to be in Rockbridge Co, VA. Also, this record is for Revolutionary War service at a time when Alexander the Hammerite would have been 60 years of age. While its possible that a man of that age might have enlisted at considerable distance from his home in Rockbridge, it seems highly unlikely. It would seem more likely that White included this particular piece of information simply because it mentioned an "Alexander Walker" in an area where his family came from.

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