Alfonso VI of León and Castile, Emperor of Spain, King of León, King of Castile, King of Galicia, King of Toledo, was born before June 1040 to Ferdinand of León and Castile (1016-1065) and Sancha de León (c1020-1067) and died 29 June 1109 of unspecified causes. He married Agnes of Aquitaine (1052-1078) 1069 JL . He married Constance de Bourgogne (1046-1093) May 1080 JL . He married Zaida of Seville (?-?) 1106 JL . He married Berthe de Bourgogne (c1076-1097) April 1095 JL . He married Isabel Unknown (?-?) May 1100 JL . He married Beatrice Unknown (?-?) May 1108 JL . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814). Ancestors are from Germany, France, Belgium.

Alfonso the Brave, King of Leon, conspired with his older brother to overthrow his younger brother. After conquering Galicia and Portugal, the eldest two fell out. While Sancho had the upper hand at first, Alfonso returned from exile to take the crowns of Castile, Galicia, León and Portugal and proclaimed himself Emperor of Spain.


Offspring of Alfonso VI of León and Castile and Jimena Muñoz (?-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elvira of León (bef1082-1151) 1082 8 February 1151 Raymond IV de Toulouse (c1042-1105)
Fernando de Carrión (bef1107-aft1125)

Teresa of León (1080-1130) 1080 11 November 1130 Henry of Portugal (1066-1112)
Fernão Pérez de Traba (c1090-c1155)

Offspring of Alfonso VI of León and Castile and Constance de Bourgogne (1046-1093)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Urraca of León and Castile (1079-1126) 1079 8 March 1126 Raymond de Bourgogne (1059-1107)
Alfonso I of Aragon and Navarre (c1073-1134)
Pedro González de Lara (c1080-c1140)

Offspring of Alfonso VI of León and Castile and Zaida of Seville (?-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Sancho Alfónsez (c1093-1108)
Elvira of León (c1100-1135) 1100 1135 Roger II of Sicily (1095-1154)

Sancha of León (c1102-aft1125) 1102 1125 Rodrigo de Lara (-aft1143)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
¢3 Children 3
  • and five children who died in infancy

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