Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Alice Dardin (1861) and Robert Hester (1857)
Albert L. Hester (1877) 1877 Bell County, Texas ??
Jesse Hester (1878) Jessie Monroe August 6, 1878 [1] Bell County, Texas [2] ??
Willis Hester ?? ?? 1908 [3] O Donnell, Lynn, Texas
Earnest Hester (1886) Earnest Williams 20 Nov 1886[4] Wilson, Comanche, Texas 03 Jan 1965
  • Information on Alice Dardin children may be found by searching on <FAM>search for father= Robert Hester, Mother= Alice Dardin.


  1. ^ World War I Draft registration- "Monroe is Middle I.", Working as a Contractor.
  2. ^ Famsearch reports Wilson, Comanche, Texas, but 1880 census says Jesse age 1 is at Bell Texas
  3. ^ Famsearch says Willis Hester born to Alice Dardin died this year in O'Donnell, TX.
  4. ^ World War I Draft registration verifies "W", and Birth data

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