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Alice de Ros, d. bef. 4 July 1344; m. Sir Nicholas de Meinill, under age 23 Aug 1322, d. bef. 20 Nov 1341, 1st Lord Meinill of Whorlton. [Magna Charta Sureties]
Something is probably wrong with Margery de Badlesmere's and/or Alice de Ros's and/or Elizabeth de Meinill's birth date(s).
Alice's mother is born 1306. Alice's daughter is born 1331. With a 25 year gap this leaves only a 1318/9 birth date for Alice where someone is born of a 12 year old mother and the other a 13 year old.. Mother & daughter dates are both sourced by AR, while Alice's is not.
He [Nicholas de Meinill] married Alice, daughter of William de Ros, of Helmsley [LORD Ros]. He died s.p.m. before 20 November 1341. His widow's dower was ordered to be assigned 30 April 1342, and at the request of John Darcy the younger she had licence to marry whom she would. She appears to have died before 4 July 1344. [Complete Peerage VIII:632-4, XIV:472, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]

Date:Abt 1319
Location:at Helmsley Castle, North Ride Yorkshire, England

Date:Bef 4 Jul 1344
Location:at Whorlton, Stokesley, Yorkshire, England


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