Alice Hinman Hand (October 4, 1912 - February 15, 1998) was an American philanthropist and conservator of Ferrell Gardens. Noted for her interest in historic preservation and love of gardening, she was the wife of textile manufacturer, Fuller Earle Callaway, Jr. (1907-1992), son of Fuller Earle Callaway (1870-1928) and Ida Jane Cason (1872-1936). Mrs. Callaway was the daughter of Capt. Judson Larrabee Hand (1850-1916), a member of the Georgia General Assembly, and his second wife, Florence Mae Hollis (1877-1969), of Pelham. Her sister, Virginia Hollis Hand (1900-1995), married her husband's brother, Cason Jewell Callaway (1894-1961) the co-founders of Callaway Gardens in Harris County, Georgia.

She lead the oversight from 1936 until her death in 1998 of "Ferrell Gardens"; the five acre Italian Renaissance and Baroque gardens that was the center piece of her families three-thousand acre estate known as "Hills and Dales" in La Grange, Troup County, Georgia. She was a generous benefactor to the city of La Grange, Troup County Historical Society, a founding member of the Chattahoochee Valley Art Museum, trustee of the Fuller E. Callaway Foundation, Inc., trustee of the Callaway Foundation, Inc., and chairperson of Charitable Services Company. Originally buried at Hillview Cemetery, Troup County, Georgia, she was re-interred in the Callaway Family Cemetery, Troup County, Georgia on the grounds of ""Hills and Dales"" estate.


Four Generation Pedigree
Alice Hinman Hand Judson Larrabee Hand (1850-1916) Columbus Washington Hand (1823-1881) Henry Harrison Hand (1792-1870)
Charity Thompson (1781-1845)
Columbia America Bower (1828-1917) Isaac Bower (1783-?)
Frances Maria Cuthbert (1788-1842)
Florence Mae Hollis (1877-1969) Benjamin Pulliam Hollis (1845-1893) Thomas Charles Hollis (1792-1852)
Elizabeth Bussey (1803-1869)
Clara Florence Davenport (1849-1954) Walter Thomas Davenport (1817-1910)
Mary Elizabeth Frederick (1823-1892)