Sue & Alice Mary

Alice Mary (right) with Sue Osterkamp

Born: March 12, 1931

Died: May 23, 2003

Family Edit


 Paul E. Floyd (1930-2003)


 Carson Boyd (1904-197?)
 Alice Boyd (Waite) (1903-1990)

Siblings: none


 Herbert H. Waite (1868-1931)
 Betsy Waite (Webber) (1875-190?)
 Edward M. Boyd (1856-19??)
 Anna Boyd (1863-19??)


 Elbridge Waite (1847-1???)
 Emma Waite (1849-1???)
 Guy Webber (1848-19??)
 Amanda Webber (Wildbaher) (1846-19??)
 R.J. Boyd (c.1834-1???)
 Susan C. Boyd (c.1837-1???)

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