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Four or more generations of descendants of Alicia de Plumpton (c1338-c1400) if they are properly linked:
1. Alicia de Plumpton (c1338-c1400)

2. John le Boteler (c1365-aft1415)
2. Alice le Boteler (c1375-c1441)
2. William le Boteler (c1376-1415)
3. John le Boteler (1402-)
4. John le Boteler (1429-1493)
4. Elizabeth le Boteler (c1450-)
5. Margaret Mascy (c1475-) (more)
2. Elizabeth le Boteler (c1379-)
3. John Dutton (1403-1445)
4. Thomas Dutton (1421-1459)
5. Peter Dutton (c1440-1459) (more)
5. John Dutton (c1442-1473) (more)
5. Margaret Dutton (c1443-1484) (more)
5. Anne Dutton (c1449-1520) (more)
5. Elinor Dutton (c1450-1503) (more)
5. Isabel Dutton (c1452-1520) (more)
5. Elizabeth Dutton (c1456-1516) (more)
4. Arnold Dutton (c1423-1498)
4. Maud Dutton (c1425-1489)
5. George Booth (1445-1483) (more)
4. Roger Dutton (-1476)
5. Lawrence Dutton (c1474-1527) (more)
4. Margaret Dutton (-1499)
5. Ralph Egerton (-1522) (more)
5. Robert Egerton (more)
5. Richard Egerton (more)
5. Isabel Egerton (c1450-) (more)
4. Ellen Dutton (c1436-1466)
4. Agnes Dutton (c1439-1464)
4. John Dutton (c1441-1459)
4. Elizabeth Dutton (c1443-)
3. Elizabeth Dutton
3. Ellen Dutton
3. Lawrence Dutton
3. Thomas Dutton (1421-1459)
4. Peter Dutton (c1440-1459)
4. John Dutton (c1442-1473)
4. Margaret Dutton (c1443-1484)
5. Richard Aston (c1468-) (more)
4. Anne Dutton (c1449-1520)
5. John Molyneux (c1470-1548) (more)
5. William Molyneux (c1471-1548) (more)
5. Edward Molyneux (c1473-1535) (more)
5. Jane Molyneux (c1475-1520) (more)
5. Elizabeth Molyneux (c1477-1508) (more)
5. Thomas Molyneux (c1478-1491) (more)
5. Richard Molyneux (c1488-1512) (more)
4. Elinor Dutton (c1450-1503)
5. Richard Cholmondeley (c1474-1544) (more)
4. Isabel Dutton (c1452-1520)
5. Margaret de Southworth (c1475-1540) (more)
5. Christopher de Southworth (c1476-) (more)
5. Edmund de Southworth (c1480-1519) (more)
5. Jane de Southworth (c1481-1504) (more)
5. Agnes de Southworth (c1483-) (more)
5. Anne de Southworth (c1485-) (more)
5. Joan de Southworth (1468-) (more)
5. John Southworth (c1478-1519) (more)
4. Elizabeth Dutton (c1456-1516)
5. William Bostock (-1487) (more)
5. Anne Bostock (c1479-1528) (more)
2. Margaret le Boteler (1379-1450)

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