DOB: 3 Mar 1827 census records give Ama's DOB as rangeing from 1828-1832; her DOB of Mar 1827 conflicts with her brothers---same year, different month
POB: Parke Co IN
DOD: 19 Jul 1889
POD: Filmore Co NE
Burial: Franklin Cem. Filmore Co NE
Spouse: Robert Taylor (1824-1874)
DOM: 17 Apr 1849
POM: Parke Co IN
Father: Frederick Lewis Goldizen (1783-c1840)
Mother: Mary Levick (1793-1883)


x is the son/daughter of Unknown (?-?) and Unknown (?-?).


Children of Ama Marie Goldizen (1827-1889) by Robert Taylor (1824-1874) Edit This List
John Levick Taylor (1850-1905) 3 Mar 1850 Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana 29 Apr 1905 Alexandria, Thayer Co NE Lurana Edyth Davis 24 May 1870 Indianola, Warren, Iowa
James Taylor Jun 1858 IA c1875 Franklin, Fillmore Co NE
Edwin Taylor (1859-?) 12 Jun 1859 (2) Iowa 15 Jul 1936 (2) Marengo co IA 1) Matilda McPherson
2) Lucy E. Tracy (1870-1918) (2) Edwin and Lucy moved to Marengo Co, at some point, but when is not clear. He was in Fillmore Co in the 1885 census, but has not been located after that date in Federal census records. Lucy died in Marengo in 1918, so the move was prior to that date. (2) Gravestone inscriptions for Edwin Taylor and Lucy E. Taylor by TL Willis 1981 for IOOF Cemetery, Marengo Ohio
Este Phydalia Taylor (1860-1927) 29 Oct 1860 Indianola, Warren Co IA 29 August, 1927 Marengo, Iowa Co, IA Este Phydallia and husband appear in the Nebraska census records from 1880 to 1920; in 1930 the couple appears in Marengo, IA. They are buried in the IOOF Cem, Marengo Iowa near her brother Edwin taylor, and wife Lucy E Tracy.
Walter Ellesworth Taylor (1862-1942 8 Jul 1862 Palmyra, Warren Co, IA Nov 1944 Hillsboro, OR Quitera May Patten (1867-1901) 12 May 1883 Moved to Hillsboro Oregon c1890
Harrison Taylor 6 May 1864 Warren Township, IA ? 25 Nov 1939 Maysville CA Mary Jane Corbin 6 Mar 1890 Harrison and Mary J are shown in the 1930 census for Belvediere, Thayer Co, NE., ages 66 and 63 respectively.

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