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Chitthampalam Amarasingham was a resident of the Bambalapitiya Flats in the early sixties and later moved to live in his own home at Sri Saranankara Mawatha in Wellawatte.

He hails, through his maternal side, from the famous Maapana Ciruppudy Family of Jaffna who was a Mudaliyar in the Colonial era. Although the ancestors of this family were, originally, Hindu, many of their descendants chose to convert to Christianity through the many missionary movements that flourished during the Colonial rule of the Portuguese, Dutch and British Empires.

Chittampalam's mother was Thangamma Kingsbury, whose father was Appakutty Edward Kingsbury. Apakutty's father was Cyrus Kingsbury aka Gurunathar Vairavanathar.

Chittampalam worked as a Director of Lever Brothers (Ceylon) Limited and was married to Sarojini Saveris. They had six children, Chelvaranee, Chittanandan, Mano, Gnanakumar, Evelyn, and Vasantadevi, who have all migrated to UK and Australia in the post 1983 scenario.

See this link for the family tree:

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