Amie Gertrude Lathe was born 23 April 1885 in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts. She passed away 10 June 1921 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Amie's death was caused by bronchial pneumonia.


Her parents are Josephine Adalaide Dennis (1855-?), born 22 February 1855 in Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts, died in Michigan and Ferdinand Temple Lathe (1847-1897), born 11 August 1847 in Millbury, Worcester, Massachusetts, died 15 June 1897 in Cadiz, Henry, Indiana. Ferdinand was a Universalist Minister. He graduated from Canton Theological School the 26th of June, 1884 and ordained the same year.


Amie's maternal grandparents are Henry Warren Dennis (1833-1918) and Jane Almira Fisk (1832-1901).

Her grandmother Jane's parents are Levi Fisk (1804-1881) and Amy Taft (1802-1863).

Her great-grandfather Levi's parents are Elisha Fisk and Betsy Sherman.

Her great-grandmother Amy's parents are Israel Taft and Lois Stanford.

Her grandfather Henry's parents are Erasmus Dennis and Bethiah M. Mayo.

Amie's paternal grandparents are Levi Lincoln Lathe (1809-1872) and Frances L. Marble (c1811-1870).

Her grandfather Levi's parents are Solomon Lathe (1781-1852) and Annis Sophia Fay (1775-1825).

Amie's Great-Grandfather Solomon's parents are Benjamin Lathe (1749-1835) and Sarah Stearns (1750-1844).

Amie's Great-Grandmother Annis's parents are Jeduthan Fay (1749-1803) and Persis Temple (1753-1843). Jeduthan was a private in a company commanded by Captain Seth Norton, Colonal Stearns regiment, stationed at Fishkill during the American Revolutionary War.

Jeduthan's parents are Jeduthan Fay (1707-?) and Sarah Shattuck (1719-?).

Amie's Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Jeduthan's parents are Samuel Fay (1673-1732) and Tabitha Ward (1675-?).

Samuel's parents are John Fay (1648-1690) and Mary Brigham (1638-1676).

Mary's father is Thomas Brigham (?-1653).

Amie's maternal Aunt is Myra Gertrude Dennis (1866-?). Myra married William Franklin Worcester (1865-?) on 12 April 1887 in Milford, Massachusetts. They had two children, Mabel Adelaide Worcester (1888-1979) born 18 April 1888 in Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts, died December 1979 in York, Maine and Henry Franklin Worcester (1892-1988) born 22 Oct 1892 in Swanzey (Swansea), Bristol, Massachusetts, died 12 December 1988 in Jonesboro, Clayton, Georgia.

William Franklin Worcester's parents are Franklin Worcester (1829-1903) and Abigail Read Capron (1833-1903).


Arthur Oscar Freudenberg I (1891-1968)'s ancestors in three generations
Amie Gertrude Lathe (1885-1921) Father:
Ferdinand Temple Lathe (1847-1897)
Paternal Grandfather:
Levi Lincoln Lathe (1809-1872)
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Solomon Lathe (1781-1852)
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Annis Sophia Fay (1775-1825)
Paternal Grandmother:
Frances L. Marble (c1811-1870)
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Josephine Adalaide Dennis (1855-?)
Maternal Grandfather:
Henry Warren Dennis (1833-1918)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maternal Grandmother:
Jane Almira Fisk (1832-1901)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Levi Fisk (1804-1881)
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Amy Taft (1802-1863)