Ancestors of William Allen Shade (1968) : Pedigree Chart 20-4-17-18

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Pedigree ChartEdit

52544032 Sir Walter de Grey
of Rotherfield
26272016 Sir Robert de Grey
of Rotherfield
52544033 Isabel de Dunston (?-1304)
13136008 John de Grey
1st Baron Grey of Rotherfield
52544034 Thomas de Valoines
26272017 Joan de Valoines
6568004 John de Grey
2nd Baron Grey of Rotherfield
13136009 Margaret de Oddingesells (?-1323)
3284002 John de Grey
3rd Baron Grey of Rotherfield
26272020 Sir Alan FitzBryan
13136010 Sir Brian FitzAlan
52544042 Sir Randolph FitzHenry
of Ravensworth
26272021 Agnes FitzHenry
6568005 Catherine FitzBrian
52544044 Hugh de Balliol
Lord of Barnard Castle
26272022 John I de Balliol
Lord of Barnard Castle
52544045 Cecilia de Fontaines
13136011 Maud de Baliol
52544046 Alan, Lord of Galloway
26272023 Dervorguilla of Galloway
52544047 Margaret of Huntingdon
1642001 Maud de Grey (c1338-1390)
See Chart 20-4-17
26272024 Reynold de Burghersh
Robert de Burghersh
1st Baron Burghersh
Bartholomew de Burghersh
1st Baron Burghersh
Guncelin de Badlesmere
Justiciar of Kent
13136013 Maud de Badlesmere
3284003 Maud de Burghersh
52544056 John de Verdun
26272028 Theobald de Verdun
1st Baron Verdun
52544057 Margery de Lacy
13136014 Theobald de Verdun
2nd Baron Verdon
26272029 Margery ?
6568007 Elizabeth de Verdun (?-1360)
52544060 Roger de Mortimer
1st Baron Mortimer of Wigmore
26272030 Edmund Mortimer
2nd Baron Mortimer
52544061 Maud de Braose (1224-1300)
13136015 Maud de Mortimer
52544062 William de Fiennes
26272031 Margaret de Fiennes
52544063 Blanche de Brienne

Notes & SourcesEdit

Will 17:50, 1 January 2009 (UTC)

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