Theobald le Botiller
26272704 Theobald le Botiller
Margery de Burgh
13136352 Sir Edmund Butler
Earl of Carrick
26272705 Joan FitzGeoffrey
6568176 James Butler
1st Earl of Ormond
Thomas Fitzgerald
Lord Offaly
26272706 John FitzGerald
1st Earl of Kildare
13136352 Joan FitzGerald
John de La Roche
Lord Fermoy
26272707 Blanche de La Roche
Maud de Waleys
3284088 James Butler
2nd Earl of Ormond
Humphrey de Bohun
Humphrey de Bohun, 3rd Earl of Hereford (c1249-1298)
13136353 Humphrey de Bohun
4th Earl of Hereford
Enguerrand II de Fiennes
Maud de Fiennes
Isabelle de Conde
6568177 Eleanor de Bohun
Henry III, King of England
26272710 Edward I, King of England (1239-1307)
52545421 Eleanor of Provence
13136353 Elizabeth Plantagent
of Rhuddlan
Ferdinand III, King of Castile
26272711 Eleanor of Castile (1241-1290)
52545423 Jeanne de Dammartin
1642044 James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormonde (?-1405)
See Chart 20-4-18
13136356 Roger Darcy
6568178 Sir John Darcy, 1st Baron Darcy of Knaith
13136357 Isabel d'Aton
3284089 Elizabeth Darcy
52545432 Richard Mor de Burgh
26272716 Walter de Burgh
1st Earl of Ulster
52545433 Egidia de Lacy (c1205-?)
13136358 Richard Óg de Burgh
2nd Earl of Ulster
52545434 Sir John FitzGeoffrey
Justiciar of Ireland
26272717 Aveline FitzGeoffrey
52545435 Isabel Bigod
6568179 Joan de Burgh
26272718 Sir John de Burgh
13136359 Margaret de Burgh
26272719 Hawise of Lanvaley

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