232 Jesse Pollard (c1791-?)
116 Stephen Weatherford Pollard (1812-1878)
932 William Weatherford (c1737-?)
466 Stephen Weatherford (c1760-c1829)
933 Margaret Fuqua
233 Julia Weatherford (c1791-?)
934 Stephen Fuqua (c1720-1782)
467 Obedience Fuqua (c1760-?)
1870 Field Robinson (c1720-1785)
See Chart 28-15
935 Temperance Robinson (1760-1813)
1871 Obedience Bradshaw (c1725-1785)
See Chart 28-16
58 William Jesse Pollard (1838-1911)
See Chart 1
117 Mary Lee Mount (1807-1860)

William Allen Shade 08:44, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

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