George Stanley, 9th Lord Strange of Knockyn (1460-1503)
See Chart 28-15-27-1
Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby (1485-1521)
Joan le Strange, 9th Baroness Strange of Knockyn (c1463-1513)
See Chart 28-15-27-2
Thomas Stanley (c1515-?)
John Hastings, 2nd Baron Hastings (1287-1325)
See Chart 28-15-27-3
Anne Hastings (c1485-1550)
Juliana Leyburne (?-?)
See Chart 28-15-27-4
Peter Stanley (c1539-1583)
John Stanley (1572-1619)
Thomas Masterson (c1465-1513)
See Chart 28-15-27-9
Thomas Masterson (c1495-1551)
Agnes Jondrell (c1469-)
See Chart 28-15-27-10
Richard Mastersson (c1514-1553)
Roger Mainwaring (c1470-)
See Chart 28-15-27-11
Margery Mainwaring (c1499-1561)
Margaret Brooke
See Chart 28-15-27-12
Joan Masterson (?-?)
? Bechyog
? Bechyog
Joane Bechyog (c1518-1553)
Christopher Stanley (c1603-1646)
See Chart 28-15
? Lancocke
? Lancocke
? Lancocke
John Lancocke
Susan Lancocke (?-?)

William Allen Shade 08:58, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

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