Hamon III Massey (c1129-c1216)
Hamon IV Massey (c1176-aft1250)
Hamon V Massey (c1212-aft1278)
Richard Massey (c1276-?)
Alice de Whitney (c1215-?)
Hugh Massey (c1301-1349) of Timperley
Alice de Massey (c1332-?)
See Chart 28-15-27-1
Roger de Venables (?-c1261) of Kinderton
Sir William de Venables (?-1292) of Kinderton
Alice Pennington
William de Venables of Bradwall
John de Legh of Knutsford Booths
Richard de Legh of High Legh
Richard de Legh of High Legh
Agnes de Legh
Agnes de Legh
Ralph de Baggiley (?-?)
John de Baguley (?-?)
(daughter) Massey (?-?)
Sir William Baguley
Ellen Baguley

William Allen Shade 21:34, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

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