Anderson B. Duncan
Sex: Male
Birth: c1798
Death: Oct 1866 Frmk Co Tn
Father: Seamore Duncan () [1]
Mother: Pricilla Hicks (1774) [2]
Spouse/Partner: Telitha Duncan (1809) Telitha Jean [3]

Anderson Benton (Billy) Duncan


  • 1870 Tennessee > Franklin > District 8 Not present. Only wife Telitha.

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Documentation notesEdit

  • Unless indicated otherwise, data is from 1880 Census, Texas > Navarro > District 128



Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Anderson Duncan (1798) and Telitha Duncan (1809)
Marticia Wilson Duncan (1831) 30 Jan 1831 Franklin Co, TN 20 Aug 1899 Ikard-Frnk Co TN
Louisa Duncan (1833) 27 Feb 1833 Franklin Co, TN 8 May 1910 Mclennan Co., Tx
John Franklin Duncan (1835) 28 Aug 1835 Franklin Co, TN Oct 1867
Teresa Telitha Duncan (1840) 24 Jun 1840 Franklin Co, TN 11 Sep 1916 Estill Spgs, TN
James Duncan (1844)
James Polk
17 Aug 1844 Franklin Co, TN 2 Dec 1918 Franklin Co, TN
Mattie Jane Duncan (1848) 7 Apr 1848 Franklin Co, TN 14 Jul 1921 Mt Garner, Franklin Co, TN
Mary Catherine Duncan (1851) 12 Apr 1851 Franklin Co, TN 25 Dec 1916 Mclennan Co, TX
Thomas Benton Duncan (1854) 8 Jan 1854 Franklin Co, TN 6 Jan 1920 Erath Co, Tx


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