Andreas Thorsen Tandberg
Tandberg Family-W
Birth: 1846
Death: 1910
Oslo, Norway
Father: Thor Andersen Tandberg
Spouse/Partner: Valborg Margrethe Fischer (1848-1915)
Marriage: April 2, 1871 (age 25)
147 years ago
Oslo, Norway
Children: Christian Tandberg (1872-1947)
Thorvald Martin Tandberg (1874-1970)
Valborg Andrea Tandberg
Andrea Tandberg (1876)
Nils Jacob Tandberg (1878-?)
Johannes Emanuel Tandberg (1878-1880)
Erling August Normann Tandberg (1879-1972)
Ragnhild Aagot Tandberg (1880)
Bjarne Adolf Trygve Tandberg (1884-1885)
Gudrun Ingebjorg Louise Tandberg (1887-1907)
Ragnhild Aagot Martha Tandberg (1887-?)

Andreas Thorsen Tandberg (1846-1910) was a sergeant in Norwegian Army. He was a Fabrikeier mek værksted (fabrikk = factory) and a Jernseng fabrikk, a worker in an iron bed factory. (b. 1846; Hønefoss, Buskerud, Norway - d. 1910; Oslo, Norway)


From 1878 to 1924, Kristiania was the name used for Norway's capital Oslo. On January 1, 1925 the name was changed from Kristiania to Oslo.


A family history prepared in the 1960s showed that he was the descendant, possibly the grandson, of Haakon Tandberg IV (1795-1865) and Janette Wold (1790-1859). Haakon Tandberg IV was the son of Haakon Tandberg III (1762-1826) and Martha Trondsen (1765-1820). This has been proved to be false.



Andreas was born in 1846 in Hønefoss, Buskerud Norway. This is according to the 1875 Norway census.


Andreas married Valborg Margrethe Fischer (1848-1915) on April 2, 1872 in Kristiania, Akershus, Norway. Valborg was the daughter of Maren Kirstine Fischer (1821-1902) and Christian Andreas Fischer, Jr. (1816-1863)

Norway to the United StatesEdit

On April 04, 1872, Valborg and Andreas bought tickets on the Allan Brothers ship "Hero" and sailed on May 04, 1872 from Kristiania, Norway to Toronto, Canada. Andreas was listed as a Sergeant. Their names were listed as "Valborg Tandberg" and "Andreas Tandberg".


1865 CensusEdit

He is in the 1865 census living with another family in Hønefoss.

1875 CensusEdit

In 1875 they were living at Nedre (Lower) Voldgade 11 in Kristiania, Norway. The family status states that Andreas was "tilreisende, a visitor)." Andreas was working as a "handlende", or freight handler, and he was born in Hønefos. Living at home were: Christian Tandberg; and Thorvald Martin Tandberg.

1900 CensusEdit

He was living at Stolmagergaden 3 in Kristiania, Norway. Andreas was listed as working as a "fabrikeier mek værksted and jernsengfabr." Valborg Margrethe Fischer was listed as "Walborg Tandberg". Her mother, Maren Kirstine Kronsteen Fischer (1821-1902) who was listed as "Maren Ficher", was living with them. Andreas and Valborg's children at home were: Christian, who was working as a "portier & tolk"; Erling, who was working as a "bicyclearbeider"; Gudrun; and Ragnhild. Andreas' birth year was listed as 1846 and his birthplace was listed as Norderhov.

Norway to USAEdit

On May 04, 1905 he bought a ticket and left Kristiania, Norway on May 05, 1905 for Portland, Maine as "Andreas Tandberg", he was working as a "handelsborger", or merchant.


He died in 1910.


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