Andrew (Andro) Korch (Kovalcik) (1868-1939)

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Andrew (Andro) Korch Kovalcik
Sex: M
Birth: July 1868 ,Vyšná Kamenica, Slovakia
(Felso Kemencze, Abauj-Torna, Austria-Hungary)
Death: 14 Oct 1939 , Webster, Worcester, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth (Alzbeta) Tomko (1868-1946)
Marriage: Abt 1888


Full NameEdit

Andrew (Andro) Korch Kovalcik


Name Birth Death

Elizabeth Korch Dec 1884
Vyšná Kamenica, Slovakia (Felsőkemence, Abaúj-Torna County, Austria-Hungary)
Webster, Worcester, Massachusetts

Andrew Henry Korch 9 Aug 1887
Vysna Kamenica, Slovakia (Felso Kemencze, Abauj-Torna, Austria-Hungary)
21 Apr 1973
Webster, Worcester, Massachusetts

Anna R. Korch 5 Jul 1891
East Lyme, New London, Connecticut
28 Oct 1971
Dudley, Worcester, Massachusetts

John Fred Korch 20 July 1892
East Lyme, New London, Connecticut
23 Sept 1975
Manchester, Hartford, Connecticut

George Frank Korch 12 July 1894
East Lyme, New London, Connecticut

Edward Thomas Korch 1 Apr 1897
Thompson, Windham, Connecticut
26 Jan 1971
Webster, Worcester, Massachusetts

Mary B. Korch 21 June 1900
15 Aug 1965
Warrensville Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio

Mae Alice Korch 4 May 1908
Webster, Worcester, Massachusetts
3 Sept 1972
Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio


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