Andrew Moore, Jr. was born on December 1, 1733 to Andrew Moore and Rebecca Halliday. He married Rebecca Starr on September 26, 1754 at Sadsbury. Before marriage, Andrew learned the trade of a miller, but after he married, he settled on the farm he inherited from his father after he died, in Sadsbury, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They lived on that farm until the spring of 1801.

Andrew was unable to secure comfortable homes for the some of his children, some who had traveled to the Half Moon Valley. So, his wife and younger children set out to follow them. After settling his business affairs and disposing the property, they set out with two wagons full of their household goods, pulled by two horses, as well as two cows tied behind them. They came to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which at that time was a village, and stayed there for the night. When the first reached the village, Andrew stood in from of one of his wagons and said, "I have come here to lay my bones.” Indeed, that night, he fell seriously ill and died after nine days of sickness in May of 1801. His body was taken to Middletown, Dauphin County for interment there.


Offspring of Andrew Moore and Rebecca Starr (1737-1808)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Joseph Moore (1754-1824) 9 July 1754 Cape May, Salem County, New Jersey, United States 9 November 1824 Sprigg Township, Adams County, Ohio, United States Rebecca Foster (?-?)

Jeremiah Moore (1755-1834)
Rachel Moore (1757-1799)
James Moore (1760-1834)
Andrew Moore, III (1762-?)
Isaac Moore (1764-1844) 8 May 1764 Sadsbury, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States 5 October 1844 Half Moon, Centre County, Pennsylvania, United States Lydia Wilson (1764-1840)

Thomas Moore (1766-1851)
Rebecca Moore (1768-1816)
Samuel Moore (1771-1794)
Elisha Moore (1773-1841)
Elijah Moore (1775-1809)
Sarah Moore (1777-1845)
Moses Moore (1779-?)

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