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Andrew Windsor, Baron of Windsor was born 1467 in Stanwell, Middlesex, England to Thomas Windsor (c1440-1485) and Elizabeth Andrews (1444-1485) and died 30 March 1543 in Hounslow, Middlesex, England of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Blount (c1465-) 1462 in England. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Rurik (c832-879), Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087). Ancestors are from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Byzantine Empire, Italy.

Andrew Windsor, 1st Baron Windsor (1467–1543) was an English nobleman, MP and Keeper of the Wardrobe. Member of Parliament for Cricklade in 1510.

Vital Statistics


He was the eldest surviving son of Thomas Windsor of Stanwell (descendant of Margaret de Bohun, Countess of Devon) and Elizabeth Andrews and entered the Middle Temple. He became a JP of several counties and sat on many commissions. He was made Keeper of the wardrobe for life in 1506 and invested Knight of the Bath in 1509.

He was elected as Member of Parliament for Cricklade in 1510 and as knight of the shire for Buckinghamshire in 1529. He was created Baron Windsor in 1529.

He inherited the manor of Stanwell in Middlesex. In 1542, during a visit by King Henry VIII of England, he was obliged to surrender the manor to the crown. In return he was offered the lands of Tardebigge and the seat of Hewell Grange in modern Worcestershire.

He died soon afterwards in 1543 and was buried at Hounslow.


Marriage & Family

He had married Elizabeth, the daughter of William Blount, with whom he had four sons, including his eldest son and heir, George Windsor, who married Ursula de Vere and predeceased his father in 1520, Thomas and William, and three daughters. William Windsor (1498-1558) succeeded him as the 2nd Baron.


Offspring of Andrew Windsor, Baron of Windsor and Elizabeth Blount (c1465-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Eleanor Windsor (c1479-1531)
Elizabeth Windsor (c1482-1541)
George Windsor (c1492-bef1520)
Andrew Windsor (c1492-)
William Windsor (1498-1558) 1498 20 August 1558 Bradenham, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom Margaret Sambourne (1501-aft1544)
Elizabeth Coudray (1520-aft1582)

Thomas Windsor (c1500-)
Anne Windsor (c1501-c1551) 1501 1551 Roger Corbet (1501-1538)

Edith Windsor (1515-1613) 1508 Stanwell Manor, Middlesex, England 1563 Middlesex, England George Ludlow (1504-1543)
  1. Eleanor Windsor (c1479-1531) - Eleanor married Ralph Scrope, 9th Baron Scrope of Basham. (Ralph Scrope died on 17 Sep 1515). She also married Sir Edward Neville of Addington Park, Knt., son of Sir George Neville, 4th Baron Neville of Bergavenny, and Margaret Fenne. (Sir Edward Neville of Addington Park was born about 1482 in Addington Park, Malling, Kent, England and was beheaded on 8 Dec 1538 in Tower Hill, London, Middlesex, England.)
  2. Elizabeth Windsor (c1482-1541) - Elizabeth married Peter Vavasour of Spaldington, Knt., son of William Vavasour of Gunby and Alice Mallory. (Peter Vavasour of Spaldington, Knt. died on 5 Mar 1556.)
  3. George Windsor (c1492-bef1520) - George married Ursula de Vere, daughter of Sir George de Vere and Margaret Stafford. (Ursula de Vere died in 1558.)
  4. Andrew Windsor (c1492-)
  5. William Windsor (1498-1558) - William married Margaret Sambourne, daughter of William Sambourne and Anne Copley, by 1527. (Margaret Sambourne died by 1554.) William also married Elizabeth Cowdray, widow of Richard Paulet, about 1554. (Elizabeth Cowdray was born about 1520 and died in 1588-1589).
  6. Thomas Windsor (c1500-)
  7. Anne Windsor (c1501-c1551) - Marriage Information:Anne married Roger Corbet, Esq., son of Sir Robert Corbet and Elizabeth Vernon, by 1520 in Lyncheslade, Buckshire, England. (Roger Corbet, Esq. was born on 24 Jun 1501 in Moreton Corbet, Shropshire, England and died on 20 Dec 1538.)
  8. Edith Windsor (1515-1613) - Edith married George Ludlow of Hill Deverill, Esq., son of William Ludlow of Hill Deverill, Esq. and Jane Moore, before 26 Mar 1543 in Wiltshire, England. (George Ludlow was born about 1523 in Hill Deverill, Wiltshire, England and died in 1580.)[7]


Sources and notes


  MainTour, Yewenyi

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Age at death76 +
AncestryUnited Kingdom +, France +, Germany +, Russia +, Ukraine +, Spain +, Portugal +, England +, Belgium +, Netherlands +, Byzantine Empire + and Italy +
Birth blurb1467
Birth countyMiddlesex +
Birth date1467 +
Birth date string1467
Birth latitude
Birth localityStanwell, Middlesex +
Birth longitude
Birth nation-subdiv1England +
Birth place Stanwell, Middlesex, England
Birth year1,467 +
Children-g1Eleanor Windsor (c1479-1531) +, Elizabeth Windsor (c1482-1541) +, George Windsor (c1492-bef1520) +, Andrew Windsor (c1492-) +, William Windsor (1498-1558) +, Thomas Windsor (c1500-) +, Anne Windsor (c1501-c1551) + and Edith Windsor (1515-1613) +
Children-list1Eleanor Windsor (c1479-1531) + Elizabeth Windsor (c1482-1541) + George Windsor (c1492-bef1520) + Andrew Windsor (c1492-) + William Windsor (1498-1558) + Thomas Windsor (c1500-) + Anne Windsor (c1501-c1551) + Edith Windsor (1515-1613)
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Death blurb30 March 1543
Death countyMiddlesex +
Death date30 March 1543 +
Death date string30 March 1543
Death day30 +
Death latitude51.467 +
Death localityHounslow +
Death longitude-0.351 +
Death month3 +
Death nation-subdiv1England +
Death place Hounslow, Middlesex, England
Death year1,543 +
Desc1Eleanor Windsor (c1479-1531) +, Elizabeth Windsor (c1482-1541) +, Andrew Windsor (c1492-) +, William Windsor (1498-1558) +, Thomas Windsor (c1500-) +, Anne Windsor (c1501-c1551) +, Edith Windsor (1515-1613) + and George Windsor (c1492-bef1520) +
Desc2Eleanor Windsor (c1525-) +, Thomas Windsor (c1527-) +, Thomas Windsor (c1529-bef1553) +, Mary Windsor (c1531-) +, Henry Windsor (c1533-) +, Dorothy Windsor (c1535-) +, Andrews Windsor (c1537-bef1558) +, Ursula Windsor (c1543-) +, Walter Windsor (c1545-) +, Margaret Windsor (c1547-) +, Ann Windsor (c1551-1605) +, William Windsor (c1551-) +, Bridget Windsor (c1554-1582) +, Elizabeth Windsor (1528-aft1600) +, Edward Windsor (c1539-1575) +, Jerome Corbet (1520-1598) +, Andrew Corbet (1521-1578) +, Roger Corbet (c1522-bef1550) +, Robert Corbet (c1523-) +, Walter Corbet (c1524-1583) +, Margaret Corbett (c1525-) +, Reginald Corbet (c1527-) +, Francis Corbet (c1529-) +, Elizabeth Corbet (c1530-) +, Eleanor Corbet (c1530-) +, Ursula Corbet (c1531-) +, Philippa Ludlow (1534-1580) +, Ann Ludlow (1536-1607) +, Margaret Ludlow (1540-1580) +, Edmund Ludlow (1545-1624) +, Ursula Ludlow (1547-1613) +, Jane Ludlow (1549-1580) + and Thomas Ludlow (1550-1607) +
Desc3Elizabeth Grey (1574-) +, John Grey (1576-1611) +, Henry Grey (c1578-) +, Ambrose Grey (c1580-1636) +, George Grey (c1582-) +, Mary Grey (c1584-1650) +, Frances Grey (c1586-) +, Catherine Grey (c1588-) +, Robert Scrope (1569-) +, Barbara Scrope (1572-1573) +, Anna Scrope (c1573) +, George Scrope (c1474) +, Phillippa Scrope (c1576) +, Dorothy Scrope (c1577) + and Phillip Scrope (c1578) +
FatherThomas Windsor (1440-1485) +
Given nameAndrew +
Ifmarried-g1true +
Joined withElizabeth Blount (c1465-) +
Joined with-g1Elizabeth Blount (c1465-) +
MotherElizabeth Andrews (1444-1485) +
Notable ancestorsCharlemagne (747-814) +, Alfred the Great (849-899) +, Hugh Capet (c940-996) +, Rurik (c832-879) +, Henry II of England (1133-1189) + and William I of England (1027-1087) +
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SexM +
Short nameAndrew Windsor, Baron of Windsor +
Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameWindsor +
Wedding1 date1462 +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1England +
Wedding1 place England
Wedding1 year1,462 +

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