Andrzej Stanley Szczesny (1887-aft1942)

Andrzej Stanley Szczesny (c1885-aft1930), a.k.a. Andrew Szczesny, was a Polish immigrant to Jersey City, New Jersey.


Andrew was born November 30, 1887, in either Warsaw, Poland,[1] or Kucice, Poland, the son of Marcin Szczęsny (c1860-aft1889) of the Szczęsny family of Płońsk, Poland, and his wife Mary Jasiewska.

Immigration to the United StatesEdit

Andrew came through Ellis Island April 2, 1910. The ship manifest states that he had plans to stay with his "brother" Stanislaw Szczesny (c1880-aft1920) at 160 Steuben Street in Jersey City. However, it appears that Stanislaw was Andrew's first cousin, rather than his brother. Prior to immigration, Andrew resided in Kucice, Plonsk, Poland.

Text of Ellis Island Record:

  • First Name: Andrei
  • Last Name: Sczesny
  • Ethnicity: Russia - Polish
  • Last Place of Residence: Kuczice, Russia
  • Date of Arrival: Apr 02, 1910
  • Age at Arrival: 26 Gender: M Marital Status: S
  • Ship of Travel: Volturno
  • Port of Departure: Rotterdam, Holland
  • Manifest Line Number: 0008

Marriage to Eva DrvalEdit

Andrzej Szczesny Eva Drval Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

On October 25, 1911, Andrew married Eva Drval (c1888-1970) in Jersey City.

1920 CensusEdit

In 1920, the household resided at 163 Bay Street in Jersey City, and was enumerated as follows:[2]

1930 CensusEdit

In 1930, the household resided at 163 Bay Street, and was enumerated as follows:[3]


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