Anne Primout (October 5, 1890March 26, 2005) was for almost three years the doyenne of France from April 18, 2002 (following the passing of 113-year-old Germaine Haye) until her own death.

She was born as Angèle Dupont in the French colony of Algeria (it should be noted that Algeria was legally considered 'part of France' from 1890 to 1962). As with more than a million French people, when Algeria gained indepdence Madame Primout moved to France proper. Not surprisingly, she chose the southernmost area, Roussillon, to resettle.[citation needed][original research?]

The supercentenarian died, aged 114 years and 172 days, in Perpignan, Pyrenees-Orientales departement, France. France's oldest person at the time of her death, and among the world's oldest people, Anne's age was officially verified only posthumously, namely on January 31, 2006, because the family had not applied for the title while she was living.[citation needed][original research?]

She was the sixth-oldest person in the world at the time of her death, also the second-oldest in Europe and the oldest in France