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Angelina Jolie was born 4 June 1975 in 400 West Pueblo St, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles County, California, United States to Jonathan (Jon) Voight (1938) and Marcia Lynne (Marcheline) Bertrand (1950-2007) . Ancestors are from the United States, Slovakia.

Jolie is a very well known film actress (career starting in 1982) and film director (since 2011), as well as a supporter of humanitarian causes, having once been named as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

Her brother is actor and producer James Haven.

She has been married twice, has adopted three orphans from overseas, and has had three children with her recent partner, Brad Pitt.


Maternal ancestry stretching 16 generations at, derived partly from, which has some paternal ancestry too and takes some (notably Dutch) ancestry (Gouwens) to 11 generations.

See also her ancestry subpage, derived largely from one or both of the above-mentioned tables.
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