Angeline Mayham (1833-1904)


Daughter of Cornelius Mayham (1804-1853) and Julia Ann Reynolds (1811-1881).


She married Seymour Dyer (1833-1901).


Together Seymour and Angeline had the following children: Charles E. Dyer (1856-1877); Elizabeth C. Dyer (1858-?); Alice Eldeen Dyer (1859-?); Adeline Ardele Dyer (1860-1945) aka Addie Dyer who married Joseph J. Fuller (1855-?); William Albert Dyer (1863-1943) aka Willie Dyer, who married Harriet Adeline Foote (1860-1941); Frank Everett Dyer (1863-1941) who married Hattie Van Deusen (1869-1907); Sidney F. Dyer (1864-?); Rose Belle Dyer (1867-?); Jewett S. Dyer (1869-1937) who married Mina A. Simonson (1868-?); Ralph Dyer (1871-?); James Henry Dyer (1875-?) who married May Belle Yanson (1878-?). Angeline died of pneumonia.

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