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Ann Harding
Sex: Female
Birth: c1791
Death: c1841
Spouse/Partner: Thomas Underdown (1791-c1837)
Marriage: c1810
Name Birth Death
Children of Thomas & Ann Underdown

Elizabeth bap 15/1/1811
Southleigh, Devon
before 1829

James bap 20/2/1814
Southleigh, Devon

Amelia bap 25/12/1814
Southleigh, Devon

Jane bap 28/1/1815
Southleigh, Devon
March Q 1843?
Honiton District, Devon?

William bap 28/1/1815
Southleigh, Devon

Sarah bap 13/7/1816
Southleigh, Devon
Jun Q 1891?
Axminster, Dorset?

Agnes bap 19/9/1819
Southleigh, Devon
between 1861 & 1871

Thomas Underdown (1821-1876) bap 1/7/1821
Southleigh, Devon
Portland Estate, South Australia

Robert bap 10/8/1823
Southleigh, Devon
Bendigo, Victoria

Catherine bap 9/10/1825
Southleigh, Devon

George bap 27/1/1828
Southleigh, Devon
after 1891

Elizabeth bap 25/10/1829
Southleigh, Devon
after 1891


  • Parish records
  • Genealogical information from Peter Underdown
  • Settlement Examination of Sarah Underdown
  • Free BMD
  • 1841-1891 census
  • Deaths records for South Australia and Victoria

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