Ann Putnam was born 18 October 1679 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States to Thomas Putnam, Jr. (1652-1699) and Ann Carr (1661-1699) and died 1716 of unspecified causes. Ancestors are from the United States, the United Kingdom.
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Ann Putnam Jr., along with Elizabeth Parris, Mary Walcott, Mercy Lewis and Abigail Williams, was an important witness at the Salem Witch Trials of Massachusetts during the later portion of 17th century Colonial America.

She was friends with some of the girls who claimed to be afflicted by witchcraft and, in March 1692, proclaimed to be afflicted herself. She is responsible for the accusations of 62 people, which, along with the accusations of others, resulted in the executions of twenty people, as well as the deaths of several others in prison.

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