Conman-Joachim genealogy Anrep

Two Anna Catharina Cronmans conflated in "Svenska adelns ättar-taflor" by John Gabriel Anrep (1821-1907)

There is confusion between two or three people of the same name in two different generations. John Gabriel Anrep (1821-1907) made the error and it has been perpetuated in many genealogies. He originally conflated the two Anna Catharina Cronmans from two generations into one person and had her as the wife of two people from two generations. It was an obvious error because she would have been too old as Anna Catharina Cronman (1620-?) to bear the children of Hans Christoffer von Rohr I (1626-1700), however as Anna Catharina Cronman (1660-?) she appears too young to bear his children. Anna Catharina Cronman (1660-?) would have been 16 years old when she married and her husband would have been 34 years older. Gustaf Magnus Elgenstierna (1871-1948) would correct Anrep and separate the two individuals. One source lists her birth year as 1667, which would make her only 11 years old at the birth of her fist child. One of the Anna Catharina Cronmans died in 1685.


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