Anna Catharina Cronman (1620-?)
Anna Catharina Cronman I
Cronman COA family sv
Sex: Female
Birth: circa 1620
Father: Hans Detterman (1590-c1645)
Mother: Ursula Kordes (1600-1675)
Spouse/Partner: Frans von Knorring (1626-1694)
Marriage: circa 1650 (age 30)
Children: Dorothea Lunetta von Knorring (1652-1738)

Anna Catharina Cronman I (c1620-?) (b. circa 1620, Sweden - d. unknown, possibly 1660 or 1685)


Anrep conflated two Anna Elizabeth Cronmans that lived to adulthood. There is the brother of Joachim Cronman (c1635-1703) that married a Knorring, and a daughter of Joachim Cronman (c1635-1703) that married a von Rohr. The error was corrected by Gustaf Elgenstierna.



She was born in 1620 or 1630.




  • Dorothea Lunetta von Knorring (1652-1738) who married Gustaf Lorentz von Numers (1640-1755)
  • Margareta Elisabet von Knorring
  • Dorotea Leonetta von Knorring (1663-?) in Narva, Estonia
  • Hedvig Catharina von Knorring (1663-?)
  • Margaretha Elisabeth von Knorring
  • Franz Wilhelm von Knorring
  • Joachim Friedrich von Knorring
  • Sophia Juliana von Knorring (1665-?)
  • Gustaf Johan Fransson von Knorring (1666-?)
  • Luise Charlotta von Knorring (1667-?)
  • Gertrud Christina von Knorring (1670-?)


She may have died in 1660 or 1685. If she died in 1685 she would have been about 60 years old.

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There are alternate versions of Anna Catharina Cronman based on single birth, marriage or death records

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