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Offspring of Anna Johanna Kristina Widegren and Carl Knut Gahne (1872-1951)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Dagmar Johanna Gahne (1902-?) 1902 Chicago, Illinois, United States Lennart Andersson (?-?)

Ebba Cally Gahne (1903-?) 1903 (Chicago+ Illinois+ United States)
Charles Knut Fredrik Gahne (1905-?) 21 February 1905 January 1967 Margit Petterson (1911-1972)

Anne-Marie Elin Fredrika Gahne (1908-?) 1908 (Lummelunda+ Gotland+ Sweden)
Folke Ernst Einar Gahne (1910-1970) 8 January 1910 Lummelunda, Gotland, Sweden 18 November 1970 Prästgården, Stenkumla, Gotland, Sweden Anna Lilly Margareta Löfgren (1910-?)

Henning Ivar Magnus Gahne (1911-?) 1911 (Lummelunda+ Gotland+ Sweden)
Karin Ingeborg Gahne (1913-1980) 21 April 1913 (Bertels+ Stenkumla+ Gotland+ Sweden) Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character ",". (Sollentuna+ Sweden)
Elisabeth Aina Kristina Gahne (1915-1995) 12 January 1915 (Bertels+ Stenkumla+ Gotland+ Sweden) 1995 (Visby+ Gotland+ Sweden)
Karl Fredrik Gahne (1916-?) 18 January 1916 (Bertels+ Stenkumla+ Gotland+ Sweden) Anna-Lisa Västergren (1921-?)

Lars-Olle Gahne (1917-?) 1917 (Bertels+ Stenkumla+ Gotland+ Sweden)
Åke Gösta Gahne (1919-1996) 4 January 1919 (Bertels+ Stenkumla+ Gotland+ Sweden) Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character ",". (Gardrungs+ Stenkumla+ Gotland+ Sweden) Gudrun Ingegärd Lindgren (1923-?)

Footnotes (including sources)

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