Anna Louise Curtis
Sex: Female
Birth: March 5, 1861
in Cahaba, Dallas County, Alabama
Death: February 9, 1942
in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
Burial: Charles Bertrand Powell plot,
Block 19,
Elmwood Cemetery,
Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
Father: Joseph Riley Curtis
Mother: Anna Eleanor Cunningham
Spouse/Partner: Charles Bertrand Powell
Marriage: December 14, 1889
in Shelby Springs, Shelby County, Alabama

         Anna Louise Curtis was the third child of Joseph Curtis and Annie Cunningham, but the second to survive to adulthood. She was born into turbulent times and went through many changes before she was even ten years old. Her parents welcomed her on the eve of the Civil War and a year later, her father enlisted. Two months after that he was killed in battle. Before Louise was 4, her mother remarried, but this new stepfather disappeared within weeks. Later that year, county voters opted to shift the county seat from her Louise's hometown of Cahaba to nearby Selma. Cahaba, once the state capital, was swiftly abandoned. Lousie then found herself living in Montgomery, the current state capital. Finally, with a marriage to a state legislator, Annie secured some stability for herself and her two daughters as they moved north to Brierfield. While Louise's sister Kathrine married 6 years later, Louise settled into the life of a schoolteacher and probably did not expect to get married. She probably moved to Columbiana, where her aunt and uncle, Judge N. B. and Adelaide Mardis lived. And then she met C. B. Powell, a rising young lawyer just moved to the growing city of Birmingham from Helena, AR. They married in 1889 at the Shelby Springs Resort (not far from Columbiana) and removed to Birmingham.

         Here she raised four children and, later, helped raise her two granddaughters. She also was involved in many social circles and cultivated a garden of nearly one acre. Her granddaughters loved her, even though she was strict and a bit Victorian. Widowed in 1923 and facing financial hardships, she soldiered on. She lived to see her granddaughters married, but died just a few years later.

         Louise's granddaughter Chrystobel, my grandmother, wrote this memorial poem of her, entitled "Louise":

"Broad and twisted you sat there
Oh how we loved you so
Hair wrapped round like a halo
We knew soon you would go
You taught us all about beauty
And also all about love
You live on a cloud painting sunshine
With all the angels above."


Name Birth Death
Children of Charles Bertrand Powell and Anna Louise Curtis

Charles Bertrand Powell, Jr. April 7, 1892
Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
May 8, 1959
Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama

Gladys Eleanor Powell ?? ??, 1893
Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
?? ??, 1957
Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama

Claire Rosamund Powell ?? ??, 1896
Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
?? ??, 1921
Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama

Ivor Martist Powell August 23, 1897 or August 23, 1898
Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
April 19, 1967
Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama


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