Anna von Eppenstein-Königstein was born 1482 to Philipp von Eppstein-Königstein (c1440-1481) and Louise von der Mark-Arenberg (c1454-1524) and died 7 August 1538 in Stolberg, Germany of unspecified causes. She married Botho zu Stolberg (1467-1538) 10 February 1500 JL at Königstein. Notable ancestors include Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Alfred the Great (849-899). Ancestors are from France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, the Byzantine Empire, Sweden, Belarus.


Offspring of Botho zu Stolberg and Anna von Eppstein-Königstein (1482-1538)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Wolfgang zu Stolberg (1501-1552)
Botho zu Stolberg (1502-1502)
Anna zu Stolberg (1504-1574)
Ludwig zu Stolberg (1505-1574) 12 January 1505 Stolberg, Germany 24 August 1574 Wertheim am Main, Germany Walpurgis zu Wied (1505-1578)

Juliana zu Stolberg (1506-1580) 15 February 1506 Stolberg, Germany 18 June 1580 Dillenburg, Germany Philipp II. von Hanau-Münzenberg (1501-1529)
Wilhelm von Nassau-Dillenburg (1487-1559)

Maria zu Stolberg (1507-1571) 8 December 1507 6 January 1571 Kuno II. von Leiningen-Westerburg (1487-1547)

Heinrich zu Stolberg (1509-1572) 1 January 1509 Stolberg, Mansfeld-Südharz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany 12 November 1572 Stolberg, Mansfeld-Südharz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany Elisabeth von Gleichen (1530-1578)

Philipp zu Stolberg (1510-1529)
Magdalene zu Stolberg (1511-1546)
Eberhard zu Stolberg (1513-1526)
Katharine zu Stolberg (1514-1577)
Albrecht Georg zu Stolberg (1516-1587)
Christof zu Stolberg (1524-1581)

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