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Peter and Annah lived first in Kingston, then moved to Deerfield (about 20 miles north) in 1774. Peter was a Captain in the New Hampshire Militia during the Revolutionary War. He is said to have been "a man of distinction."
"April 6, 1818. Thomas Jenness, Debby Jenness, Peter Sanborn and Benning Wentworth Sanborn all of Deerfield, for $1 pd. by John Sanborn of Deerfield yeoman quit-claimed all right to the farm that sd. John Sanborn now lives on, & all right to a farm in Raymond that my Hon. Father purchased of John Scribner Esq. of Poplin dec'd."
Their children were active in N.H. politics. Peter was a Representative to the State Legislature, 1841-42, and the N.H. State Treasurer for several years. Their daughter, Deborah, married into a famous family, the Jenness family. Her husband, Thomas, was the son of Judge Richard Jenness, and a very wealthy merchant in his own right. Thomas and Deborah's son, Benning W. Jenness, was a U.S. Senator from New Hampshire. Benning came within one vote of being nominated for President of the United States. At the 1852 Democratic Convention, it was agreed that New Hampshire should field a candidate. It was left to the 9 delegates from N.H. to make the choice. There were 4 votes for Benning and 4 votes for Franklin Pierce. The Chairman of the delegation decided it by voting for Pierce. There were 48 ballots before Pierce was nominated on the 49th as the "dark horse" alternative to a three-candidate deadlock. As the nation went Democratic by an overwhelming majority, if Benning had been the nominee, it is certain that he would have won.

Date:23 Oct 1752
Location:at Fremont, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States

Date:16 Sep 1811
Location:at Deerfield, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States




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