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Four or more generations of descendants of Anne of Bohemia (1204-1265) if they are properly linked:
1. Anne of Bohemia (1204-1265)

2. Gertrude of Poland (c1219-1247)
2. Constance of Poland (c1221-1257)
3. Adelaide of Kuyavia (bef1249-1291)
3. Leszek II the Black of Poland (c1241-1288)
3. Ziemomysł of Kuyavia (c1243-1287)
4. Euphemia of Kuyavia (?-c1278)
4. Fenenna of Kuyavia (c1278-1295)
5. Elisabeth of Hungary (1292-1338) (more)
4. Leszek of Kuyavia (c1275-1339)
4. Przemysł of Sieradz (c1277-bef1339)
4. Casimir of Kuyavia (c1279-c1347)
5. Elizabeth of Kuyavia (c1317-aft1345) (more)
5. Władysław the White of Gniewkowo (c1330-1388) (more)
5. Child of Kuyavia (?-1329) (more)
4. Constance of Kuyavia (?-1331)
2. Bolesław II the Bald of Poland (c1223-1278)
3. Agnes von Liegnitz (c1243-1265)
4. Eberhard I. von Württemberg (1265-1325)
5. Ulrich von Württemberg (aft1285-1315) (more)
5. Agnes von Württemberg (bef1300-bef1349) (more)
5. Ulrich III. von Württemberg (1298-1344) (more)
5. Adelheid Mechthild von Württemberg (1295-1342) (more)
5. Agnes von Württemberg (c1295-1317) (more)
5. Irmgard von Württemberg (aft1300-1329) (more)
4. Irmengard von Württemberg (c1264-bef1295)
3. Henry V the Fat of Poland (c1248-1296)
4. Hedwig of Legnica (c1277-aft1347)
4. Euphemia of Legnica (c1278-1347)
5. Anna von Kärnten (1300-) (more)
5. Elisabeth von Kärnten (1298-aft1347) (more)
5. Ursula von Kärnten (more)
5. Euphemia von Kärnten (more)
4. Anna of Legnica (1284-1343)
4. Bolesław III of Legnica (1291-1352)
5. Wenceslaus I of Legnica (c1318-1364) (more)
5. Louis I of Legnica (c1321-1398) (more)
5. Nikolaus of Legnica (1322-1322). (more)
4. Helena of Legnica (c1293-aft1300)
4. Henry VI of Legnica (1294-1335)
4. Władysław of Legnica (1296-aft1352)
3. Hedwig of Poland (c1252-aft1280)
4. Anna of Masovia (1270-c1324)
5. Leszek of Racibórz (c1292-1336) (more)
5. Anna of Racibórz (c1295-1340) (more)
5. Euphemia of Racibórz (c1300-1359) (more)
3. Bolko I of Swidnica (c1254-1301)
4. Judith of Swidnica (c1287-1320)
4. Bolko of Swidnica (c1288-1300)
4. Beatrice of Swidnica (1290-1322)
4. Bernard of Swidnica (c1291-1326)
5. Bolko II of Swidnica (c1312-1368) (more)
5. Constance of Swidnica (c1313-1363) (more)
5. Elisabeth of Swidnica (c1315-1348) (more)
5. Henry II of Swidnica (c1316-1345) (more)
5. Beata of Swidnica (c1320-1331) (more)
4. Henry I of Swidnica (c1294-bef1346)
4. Elisabeth of Swidnica (1300-1300)
4. Margareta of Swidnica (1300-1300)
4. Bolko II of Swidnica (1300-1341)
4. Son of Swidnica (1301-1307)
4. Anna of Swidnica (1301-bef1334)
3. Bernard the Lightsome of Poland (c1255-1286)
3. Conrad of Poland (c1256-c1257)
3. Anna of Poland (c1255-aft1270)
3. Elizabeth of Poland (c1259-aft1268)
3. Catherine of Poland (?-?)
3. Jarosław Piast (?-?)
2. Mieszko of Poland (c1225-1242)
2. Henry III the White of Poland (c1228-1266)
3. Hedwig of Wroclaw (c1256-aft1300)
3. Henry IV Probus of Poland (c1258-1290)
2. Konrad I of Glogow (c1230-1274)
3. Anna of Glogow (c1251-1271)
3. Henry III of Glogow (c1255-1309)
4. Henry IV of Glogow (c1292-1342)
5. Hedwig of Zagan (c1316-1348) (more)
5. Henry V of Zagan (c1319-c1369) (more)
5. Salome of Zagan (aft1320-c1359) (more)
5. Agnes of Zagan (c1321-1362) (more)
4. Konrad I of Glogow (c1294-1366)
4. Bolesław of Glogow (c1295-c1321)
4. Agnes of Glogow (c1296-1361)
4. Salome of Glogow (c1297-c1309)
4. Jan of Glogow (c1298-c1365)
4. Katharina of Glogow (c1300-c1324)
5. Adolf VII. von Holstein-Kiel (?-1390) (more)
5. Agnes von Holstein-Kiel (c1325-1386) (more)
5. Mechthild von Holstein-Kiel (more)
5. Elisabeth von Holstein-Kiel (more)
4. Przemko II of Glogow (c1305-1331)
4. Hedwig of Glogow (c1308-c1309)
4. Beatrix of Glogow (1290-1322)
5. Mechtild von Bayern (aft1313-1346) (more)
5. Ludwig V. von Bayern (1315-1361) (more)
5. Anna von Bayern (1316-1319) (more)
5. Agnes von Bayern (1318-?) (more)
5. Stephan II. von Bayern (1319-1375) (more)
3. Konrad II of Glogow (c1258-1304)
3. Euphemia of Glogow (1254-bef1275)
3. Przemko of Glogow (c1260-1289)
3. Hedwig of Glogow (c1265-1318)
2. Elizabeth of Poland (c1232-1265)
3. Constance of Poznań (c1245-1281)
4. Johann IV. von Brandenburg (c1268-1305)
4. Otto VII. von Brandenburg (c1270-1308)
4. Agnes von Brandenburg (c1276-1329)
5. Albrecht II. von Anhalt-Zerbst (c1301-bef1362) (more)
5. Agnes von Anhalt-Zerbst (c1303-1352) (more)
5. Jutte von Anhalt-Zerbst (c1305) (more)
5. Waldemar I. von Anhalt-Zerbst (c1307-1367) (more)
5. Mathilde von Anhalt-Zerbst (-bef1339) (more)
4. Waldemar von Brandenburg (c1280-1319)
3. Euphrosyne of Poznań (c1248-1298)
3. Anna of Poznań (1253-1295)
3. Euphemia of Poznań (1253-1298)
3. Przemysł II of Poland (1257-1296)
4. Elisabeth Richenza of Poland (1286-1335)
5. Agnes of Bohemia (1305-1337) (more)
2. Agnes of Poland (c1236-aft1278)
2. Władysław of Poland (1237-1270)
2. Hedwig of Poland (c1239-1318)

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