Philip Mylecharane (1761-c1809)
Philip Mylecharane (1798-1852)
Anne Quayle (1759-1812)
William Philip Mylecharane (1830-1917)
Daniel Cowell (1761)
Esther Cowle (1804-1880)
Elizabeth Kelley (1769)
Annie Jane Gardiner Mylecharane (1874-1957)
James Watt (c1790-)
William Redfern Watt (1813-1894)
Margaret Redfern (c1790-)
Jane Redfern Watt (1837-1917)
Patrick Grant
John Grant (1792-1866)
Eleanor Dwyer
Mary Grant (1817-1888)
Jane O'Brien (1792-1826)

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