Anson Adams Mount IV was born 25 February 1973 in Mount Prospect, Cook County, Illinois, United States (Raised in White Bluff,TN) to Anson Adams Mount II (1925-1986) and Nancy Smith (living) . Ancestors are from the United States.


  • Father: Anson Adams Mount II, Playboy sports editor
  • Mother: Nancy Smith, professional golfer (2nd wife)


  • Half-Brother: Anson Adams Mount III, divorced, parent of two daughters
  • Half-Sister: Kristin Noel Mount, married to unknown Beuving, parents of one son and one daughter
  • Half-Sister: Elizabeth Ann Mount of Sandy, Salt Lake County, Utah, married to unknown Schubert, parents of one daughter; she has a son by previous marriage

Other relatives


1st Generation

  • 1 Anson Adams Mount IV

2nd Generation

  • 2 Anson Adams Mount II (1925-1986)
  • 3 Nancy Smith

3rd Generation

4th Generation

For more, see the ancestors subpage.


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
Ω Birth
  • During an interview he did with Common, he stated most don't know he was born in Arlington Heights,IL but raised in TN.


  SavetheArchduke,,, Robin Patterson

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