Anthony Jackson was born 1628 in St. Michael's Parish, Eccleston, Lancashire, England and died after 1681 in Armagh, County Cavan, Ireland of unspecified causes.


Offspring of Anthony Jackson and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Richard Hackson (c1660-?)
Isaac Jackson (1665-1751) 1665 Meath, County Wicklow, Republic of Ireland (Old Castle) May 1751 London Grove, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States (Pennsylvania colony) Ann Evans (1677-1731)

Sarah Jackson (1666-?)
Thomas Jackson (1670-1727) 1670 County Cavan, Ireland 9 July 1727 East Marlborough, Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States Mary Starkey (1675-1715)
Mary Wiley (1876-1729)

Anthony Jackson was born in 1628 in St. Michael's Parish, Eccleston, Lancashire, England, possibly to a certain Sir Anthony Jackson. He was baptized in St. Michael's Parish. The connection to Anthony Jackson lacks definate evidence.

Anthony and his brothers lived during the time of Oliver Cromwell and supported him. He and his brothers were members of Cromwell's New Model army. They were granted Irish Estates in 1648. In 1649, Anthony and his brothers went to Ireland with the New Model army to put down an uprising. They decided to remain in Ireland, to lived on their estates that were granted to them earlier.

They lived in Lurgan, Ulster, Ireland. Anthony married in Ireland, but his wife's name is not known. Anthony was initially a member of the Anglican Church, but in 1654 he and his brother Richard were converted by William Edmundson to Quakerism. William Edmundson, Anthony Jackson, Richard Jackson, and three others established the first Friends' Meeting House in Lurgan. In 1655, Edmundson purchased land in County Cavan for him and some of his friends, including Anthony and Richard Jackson. They moved to Cavan with their families the same year. There, they established a Friends' Meeting House. William Edmundson and Richard Jackson moved away from Cavan in 1659, but anthony chose to remain in Cavan. They established a Friends Meeting House in Mountmellick.

Anthony suffered religious persecution in Cavan and Old Castle areas in 1670 and 1681. In 1681, Anthony was suffering persecution and was later imprisoned due to failure to pay tithes. He died after 1681 and before 1696 in County Cavan, Ireland.


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