Antoine Gilbert-Comtois
Sex: Male
Birth: 19 January 1740 in Ile Dupas, Berthier, Quebec, Canada
Death: 11 January 1813 in St. Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec, Canada
Father: Louis Gilbert-Comtois (1689-1769)
Mother: Marie Anne Madeleine Jacques (1706-1789)
Spouse/Partner: Marie Louise Plante (1725-1824)
Marriage: 24 May 1762 in Berthier-en-Haut, Quebec, Canada


Name Birth Death
Children of Antoine Gilbert-Comtois and Marie Louise Plante

Antoine Gilbert Comtois (1763-1850) 2 April 1763
Berthier-en-Haut, Quebec, Canada
24 January 1850
St. Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec, Canada