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April 10 in recent years
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2008 (Thursday)
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April 10 is the 100th day of the year (101st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 265 days remaining until the end of the year.




Holidays and observancesEdit

Liturgical observancesEdit


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73 Familypedia people were born on April 10

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Anne Wales Abbot (1808-1908)Abiel Abbot (1770-1828)Eunice Wales (1772-1831)
William Edward Baglin (1839-1908)Daniel Baglin (c1813-1883)Ann Poulton (c1817-1879)
Ebenezer Baldwin (1710-1792)Thomas Baldwin (1662-1741)Abigail Lay (1673-1737)
Ann Bellamy (1829-1897)James Zadock Bellamy (1798-1875)Hannah Singleton (1802-1869)
William Bellamy (1823-1891)James Zadock Bellamy (1798-1875)Hannah Singleton (1802-1869)
James William Bray (1822-1881)Thomas Bray (1792-1855)Ann Bloodworth (1798-1875)
Sarah Emma Brown (1843-aft1900)Robert Brown (1807-aft1880)Sarah England (1814-1895)
Lydia Chamberlain (1798-1844)John Chamberlain (1759-1825)Mary Powers (1762-)
Thomas Herbert Cheney (1869-1947)Samuel Fletcher Cheney (1829-1911)Ella A Phillips (1840-1909)
Karel Maria Chotek of Chotkov and Vojnín (1887-1970)Karel Maria Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1853-1926)Adelhaid Marie Therese zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1864-1937)
Tamar Jane Cobcroft (1848-1932)William John Cobcroft (1818-1879)Elizabeth Mary Ann Rose (1818-1908)
Thomas Cornwall (1854-1938)James Cornwall (1818-1898)Elizabeth Chapman (1833-1904)
Sydney William Cross (1904-1985)Samuel Cross (1863-1927)Mary Perrin (1873-1938)
Sarah Davis (1646-1698)Robert Davis (1608-1655)Bridget Loker (1618-1684)
Barbara Davison (1930-)William Andrew Davison (1902-1961)Marjorie Bell Copland (1900-1979)
... further results

95 Familypedia people died on April 10

 FatherMotherAge at death
John Auber (1783-1844)Samuel Auber (1750-1827)Elizabeth Newman (c1753-)
Benjamin Bartlett (1658-1724)Benjamin Bartlett (1633-1691)Sarah Brewster (1638-1668)66
Mary Bass (1669-1725)John Bass (1630-1716)Ruth Alden (1643-1674)56
Walter V Berthout van Mechelen (1210-1243)Walter IV Berthout van Mechelen (1190-1219)Agnes33
Mervin Simeon Blanchard (1824-1847)Simeon Blanchard (1801-1875)Eunice Squire (1797-1885)23
William Brewster (1567-1644)William Brewster (1527-1590)Mary Smythe (1536-1579)78
Elnathan Brigham (1683-1758)Thomas Brigham (1641-1717)Mary Rice (1646-1695)75
Sarah Bush (1788-1869)Christopher Bush (1742-1813)Hannah Davis (1745-1835)81
Isabella II de España (1830-1904)Fernando VII de España (1784-1833)María Cristina delle Duo Sicilie (1806-1878)74
Pierre de Courtenay (1126-1183)Louis VI of France (1081-1137)Adèle de Savoie (1092-1154)57
Louis the Stammerer (846-879)Charles the Bald (823-877)Ermentrude d'Orléans (830-869)33
Elizabeth Chalkley (1788-1852)John Chalkley (1747-)Susanna Saban (1755-)
William Henry Chaseling (1844-1919)John Chaseling (1821-1884)Mary Ann Rose (1821-1893)75
James Cole (1626-1709)James Cole (1600-1692)Mary Tibbes (1598-1660)83
Ruth Cooke (1664-1734)Jacob Cooke (1618-1675)Damaris Hopkins (1628-1669)70
... further results

73 Familypedia people were first married on April 10

 FatherMotherJoined with
Thomas George Anson, 2nd Earl of Lichfield (1825-1892)Thomas William Anson, 1st Earl of Lichfield (1795-1854)Louisa Catherine Philips (c1800-1879)Harriet Georgiana Louisa Hamilton (1834-1913)
Susannah Atkinson (1641-1669)Thomas Atkinson (1608-1643)Caleb Brooks (1632-1696)
Frances Bailey (1834-1850)John Thomas Bailey (c1810-1890)Elizabeth Ann Prosser (1814-1885)Joseph Preston (1831-1910)
Harriet Baring (1804-1892)Alexander Baring, 1st Baron Ashburton (1774-1848)Anne Louise Bingham (-1848)Henry Frederick Thynne, 3rd Marquess of Bath (1797-1837)
Rebecca Best (1834-1921)Robert Best (c1810-1868)Mary Clements (c1790-1854)Thomas Lansdown (1817-1885)+Michael Vaughan (c1846-1908)
Euphemia of Sweden (1317-c1370)Erik of Sweden (1282-1318)Ingeborg of Norway (1301-1361)Albrecht II. zu Mecklenburg (1318-1379)
John Blundell (cordwainer) (-1812)Thomas Blundell (-1740)Mary Ede (-1740)Anne Comber (-1779)
Fergus Michael Claude Bowes-Lyon, 17th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1928-1987)Michael Claude Hamilton Bowes-Lyon (1893-1953)Elizabeth Margaret Cator (1899-1959)Mary Pamela McCorquodale (1932)
Caleb Brooks (1632-1696)Thomas Brooks (1594-1667)Grace Cunliffe (1593-1664)Susannah Atkinson (1641-1669) + Hannah Atkinson
George Brown (1875-1953)John J Brown (1824-1902)Ann Armitage (1831-1897)Minnie Ethel Christie (1877-1918)
Angus Ray Brumfield (1896-1967)Lewis A Brumfield (1857-1927)Celia Ann Letitia VarnadoMyrtis (Myrtle) Hennessey
Catharine Bryant (1790-1849)Ruluf Andrus (1773-1849)
Martha Bryant (1798-1839)William Bryant (c1776)Jane Lloyd (1770-1823)Thomas Cross (1775-1843)
Anne Marie of Orléans (1669-1728)Philippe I of Orléans (1640-1701)Henrietta Anne Stuart (1644-1670)Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia (1666-1732)
Francesco delle Duo Sicilie (1827-1892)Francesco I delle Duo Sicilie (1777-1830)Maria Isabel de España (1789-1848)Maria Isabella di Toscana (1834-1901)
... further results

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