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April 23 is the 113th day of the year (114th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 252 days remaining until the end of the year.




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75 Familypedia people were born on April 23

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Solomon Adams (1699-1778)Henry Adams (1663-1749)Ruth Ellis (1670-1735)
Daniel Clifford Ashworth (1909-1997)Daniel Gunner Ashworth (1876-1949)Sybil H. Decker (1881-1946)
Johann Georg Bach (1836-1903)Johann Konrad Bach (1794-1857)Anna Maria Schmidt (1796-1877)
Burian Bechinie von Lažan (1442-1493)Jan "Bechyòka" Zejdlic von Lažan (c1420-1465)
Pieternelletje Bergman (1810-1860)Dirk van der TolenCornelia Bergman (c1781-1855)
Alice Bramble (1868-1935)William Bramble (1840-1892)Ann Preistley (1837-1897)
Mary Bright (1639-1712)Henry Bright (1602-1686)Anne Goldstone (1615-1649)
A. Maria Brinkmann (1724-1777)Stephan IdendijkeA. Catharina Klingenberg (1688-)
Adriana Brussé (1832-1839)Jacobus Brussé (1794-1860)Carolina van Schuik (c1792-1854)
James Buchanan (1791-1868)James Buchanan (1761-1821)Elizabeth Speer (1767-1833)
Nathaniel Bunch (1793-1859)Charles Bunch (1765-)Mary Bellamy (1769-)
Afonso II of Portugal (1185-1223)Sancho I of Portugal (1154-1212)Dulce of Aragon (1160-1198)
Bertha Mary Carloss (1841-1892)John Carloss (?-?)Mary Ann Mckellar (1817-1890)
Archealus Carpenter (1734-1810)Timothy Carpenter (1698-1763)Phebe Coles (1700-)
Mary Ann Chivell (1853-1939)Joseph Chivell (c1822-1889)Jane Maria White (c1823-1886)
... further results

102 Familypedia people died on April 23

 FatherMotherAge at death
Elsie Mabel U Adams (1897-1987)Joseph James Adams (1848-1937)Lavinia Rachel Warner (1858-1929)90
Joshua Adams (1780-1863)Richard Saxton Adams (1734-1810)Lucy Matson (1760-1800)83
Clarice Millie Underwood Alley (1892-1969)Julian Underwood Alley (1842-1925)Agnes Matilda Wilson (1856-1933)77
Stijntje Appelman (1806-1856)Pieter Appelman (1768-1848)Jantje de Boer (1769-1836)
Amelia Baglin (1760-1815)Nehemiah Baglin (1730-1818)Betty Adlam (c1732-1773)55
Mary Barker (1604-1677)John Barker (1563-1617)Margaret Walter (1564-)
Thomas Barnes (1662-1734)Thomas Barnes (1636-1679)Abigail Goodenow (1642-1678)72
Walter Vivian Harcourt Biddell (1859-1933)Walter Biddell (bef1859-)Eliza Jane Sheppy (bef1859-)74
Edward Charles Bray (1857-1942)James William Bray (1822-1881)Anne Sussannah Blackman (1828-1859)85
Mabel May Bridge (1884-1970)Henry William Bridge (1860-1946)Georgina Harriet Snape (1864-1941)86
Ernest Robert Brogden (1910-2002)Ernest Brogden (1884-1939)Linda Lorne Lacey (-1962)
John Brown (1821-1896)David Brown (1783-1857)Mary Elizabeth McMahon (1799-1837)75
Edward Burton (-1524)Robert Burton (-aft1478)Christian Stapleton (c1423-)
Hugues de Navilly (1122-1171)Hugues II de Bourgogne (c1085-1143)Mathilde de Mayenne (1092-1162)49
Maria Isabel of Orléans (1848-1919)Antoine of Orléans (1824-1890)Luisa Fernanda de España (1832-1897)71
... further results

75 Familypedia people were first married on April 23

 FatherMotherJoined with
Thomas Allen (1755-1842)Thomas Allen (1728-1798)Elizabeth Christophers (1714-1787)Amelia Taber (1758-1838)
Peter II of Sicily (1305-1342)Frederick III of Sicily (1272-1337)Eleanor of Anjou (1289-1341)Elisabeth von Kärnten (1298-aft1347)
Francis Arnold (1709-1748)David Arnold (1694-1747)Sarah Tyler (1697-1736)Experience Dickinson (1722-1795)
Aafje Bakker (1855-1890)Klaas Bakker (1823-aft1855)Geertje Visser (1824-aft1855)Olvert Bakker (1853-1896)
Olvert Bakker (1853-1896)Klaas Bakker (1809-aft1862)Marijtje Bakker (1822-)Aafje Bakker (1855-1890) + Petronella Koedooder (c1861-?)
Toon Baltus (1820-?)Klaas Baltus (?-?)Grada van den Heuvel (?-?)Catharina Zweers (?-?)
Sidney William Bassingthwaighte (1859-1913)Edward Bassingthwaighte (1822-1898)Eliza Scott (c1828-1917)Maria Martha Bassingthwaighte (1862)+Minnie Lovett (1871-1957)
Elizabeth Belasyse (1770-1819)Henry Belasyse, 2nd Earl Fauconberg (1743-1802)Charlotte Lamb (1743-1790)Bernard Edward Howard, 12th Duke of Norfolk (1765-1842)+Richard Bingham, 2nd Earl of Lucan (1764-1839)
Grant Blunt (1840-1912)Edward Powlett Blunt (1806-1880)Caroline Anne Clavell (1806-1886)Maggie Brennan (1839-1942)
Jane Botting (1781)William Botting (1743)Mary Bates (c1745)William Bates (c1778)
Sarah Ann Bowen (1623-1675)Richard Bowen (1585-1674)Ann Bough (1605-1648)Robert Fuller (1616-1706)
Hiltje Broertjes (1813-1879)Klaas Broertjes (1788-1863)Lijsbeth Davidson (1792-1866)Pieter Ruurds (1812-1852) + Willem Bakker (-)
Henry Farnham Burke (1859-1930)John Bernard Burke (1814-1892)Barbara Frances MacEvoy (-1887)Helena Mary Ray Palmer (-1955)
Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland (1901-2000)James Bertram Falkner Cartland (1876-1917)Mary Hamilton Scobell (1877-1976)Alexander George McCorquodale (1897-1964)+Hugh McCorquodale (1898-1963)
Charles J.A. Chetwynd-Talbot (1882-1915)Charles H.J. Chetwynd-Talbot (1860-1921)Ellen Mary Palmer-Morewood (-1940)Winifred Constance Hester Paget (1881-1965)
... further results

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