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April 26 in recent years
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April 26 is the 116th day of the year (117th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 249 days remaining until the end of the year.

It is the first day following the spring equinox which cannot be Easter Sunday in Western Christianity.




Holidays and observancesEdit

Liturgical feastsEdit

In the Roman Catholic Church:

In the Russian Orthodox Church:

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83 Familypedia people were born on April 26

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Solomon Angell (1806-1881)James Williams Angell (1776-1851)Phebe Ann Morton (1786-1854)
Minnie Victoria Anlezark (1883-1964)Joseph Wilson Anlezark (1845-1932)Amanda Jane Thompson (1855-1933)
Johannes Arning (1788-1834)Dirk Arning (bef1771)Maria Geertruij Bakker (bef1771)
Vasile Atanasiu (1886-1964)Ștefan AtanasiuPaulina Unknown
Antje Banté (1825-1865)Willem Banté (1799-1868)Gerritje Beltman (1800-1846)
Maria Bartlett (1846-1914)Richard Bartlett (c1816-aft1841)Honorah Kellaher (1823-1857)
Emily Bayfield (1879-1966)Thomas Bayfield (1836-1893)Emily Peterson (1849-1918)
Henry Beaufort, 3rd Duke of Somerset (1436-1464)Edmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset (1406-1455)Eleanor Beauchamp (1408-1467)
Samual John BrazelWilliam Brazel (1880-1971)Mary Margaret Farrell (1880-1972)
Jordana Brewster (1980)Alden Brewster (living)Maria João Leal de Souza (1955)
James Levi Brock (1864-1955)James L. Brock, Jr.Mary Gabriella Bankston (1844-1922)
Amand Caissie (1874-1957)Damien Caissie (1835-1909)Madeleine Goguen (1845-1909)
John Cameron (1837-1915)Alexander Cameron (c1807-1854)Elizabeth Marks (c1812-1890)
Augustus Cass Canfield (1897-1986)Augustus Cass Canfield (1854-1904)Josephine Houghteling (c1857-)
Maria Amelia delle Duo Sicilie (1782-1866)Fernando I delle Duo Sicilie (1751-1825)Marie Caroline von Habsburg-Lothringen (1752-1814)
... further results

80 Familypedia people died on April 26

 FatherMotherAge at death
Ezra Taft Benson Adair (1848-1848)Samuel Jefferson Adair (1806-1889)Jemima Catherina Mangum (1809-1848)
Dorothea von Anhalt-Dessau (1612-1695)Johann Georg I. von Anhalt-Dessau (1567-1618)Dorothea von Pfalz-Simmern (1581-1631)83
Susannah Philena Baker (1832-1913)Stephen Baker (1778-1858)Susannah Mathewson (1785-1872)81
Lucille Desiree Ball (1911-1989)Henry Durrell Ball (1887-1915)Desiree Evelyn Hunt (1892-1977)78
Stuart Harborne Belcher (1864-1950)Samuel Harborne Belcher (1835-1920)Frances Harriett Cramp (1835-1929)86
William Goodchild Betts (1845-1910)James Betts (1814-1887)Frances Goodchild (1816-1847)65
Bruno Billung (?-976)Wichmann Billung (916-944)Bia von Ringelsheim (?-?)
Elizabeth Caroline Boothby (1821-1897)James Brownell Boothby (1791-1850)Charlotte Cunningham (1799-1893)76
Walter Ratcliffe Brickell (1904-1969)John Brickell (1877-1944)Mary Burnside (1876-1959)
Isaac Butt (1824-1895)George Butt (1803-1875)Charlotte Barnes (1799-1875)71
Vivian Allen Lindsay Caldwell (1904-1989)Alexander Caldwell (1867-1945)Elsie Maud Goodsell (1876-1952)85
William John Cant (1867-1953)John Cant (1839-1874)Elizabeth Towns (c1846-?)86
Miguel of Brazil (1820-1820)Pedro I of Brazil (1798-1834)Maria Leopoldine von Österreich (1797-1826)0
Glismut (c866-924)Arnulf of Carinthia (850-899)58
William Cavendish-Bentinck, 6th Duke of Portland (1857-1943)Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck (1819-1877)Elisabeth Sophia Hawkins-Whitshed (c1830-1858)86
... further results

83 Familypedia people were first married on April 26

 FatherMotherJoined with
George Arbuthnot (1772-1843)Robert Arbuthnot, Jr, 2nd of Haddo-Rattray (c1728-1803)Mary Urquhart (1745-1818)Elizabeth Fraser (1792-1834)
Kenneth Wyndham Arbuthnot (1873-1915)William Reierson Arbuthnot (1826-1913)Mary Helen Anstruther (1839-1912)Janet Elspeth Sinclair-Wemyss (1889-1982)
Arthur Lawrence Robinson Archer (1900-1959)James Lawrence Archer (1887-1941)Catherine Maud Robinson (1880-1966)Alma E Bagnall (1900-)
Mary Rebecca Aspinwall (1809-1886)John Aspinwall (1774-1847)Susan Howland (1779-1852)Isaac Daniel Roosevelt (1790-1863)
George Austen (1731-1805)William Austen (c1695-1737)Rebecca Hampson (c1696-1733)Cassandra Leigh (1739-1827)
Alma E Bagnall (1900-)Henry Phillip Bagnall (1872-1952)Mary Ann Elizabeth Frost (1876-1964)Arthur Lawrence Robinson Archer (1900-1959)
George Blundell (1793-1887)George Blundell (1760-1835)Anne Johnson (c1760-)Amy Frances Wells (1795-1857)
Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (1900-2002)Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1855-1944)Nina Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck (1862-1938)George VI of the United Kingdom (1895-1952)
Sargent Bradlee (1898-1987)Frederick Josiah Bradlee I (1866-1951)Elizabeth Whitwell Thomas (1868-1952)Louise Trippe
William Bramble (1840-1892)William Bramble (1804-1887)Lydia Jean Austen (1820-1872)Ann Preistley (1837-1897)
Mary Brown (1831-1906)Edward Charles Brown (1806-)Elizabeth (c1807-1886)William Dugdale Meaden (1828-1903)
Catherine Carey (1524-1569)Henry VIII of England (1491-1547)Mary Boleyn (1503-1543)Francis Knollys (c1511-1596)
Robert Lawrence Clifton-Brown (1929-)Geoffrey Benedict Clifton-Brown (1899-1983)Robina Margaret Hill Sutton (1898-1978)Florence Elizabeth Lindsay Vestey (1926-2006)
Catherine Isabella Coombs (1889-1930)William Thomas Coombs (1860-1947)Mary Ann Katherine Roberts (1863-1943)George Samuel Hart (1886-1917) + George Musgrave (1891-1968)
Esther Cowle (1804-1880)Daniel Cowell (1761)Elizabeth Kelley (1769)Philip Mylecharane (1798-1852)+Edward Martin (c1819-1862)+Alexander Glenlyon (-)
... further results

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