Dale Arnold Jones was born 21 September 1921 in Kidder, Caldwell County, Missouri, United States to Ernest Ezra Jones (1884-1939) and Mabel Lillian Miller (1889-1962) and died 17 May 1966 in Elwood, Doniphan County, Kansas, United States of unspecified causes. Notable ancestors include Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Rurik (c832-879), Alfred the Great (849-899), Robert I of Scotland (1274-1329). Ancestors are from the United States, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belarus, Italy, Turkey.

" Big, lovable Dale Arnold Jones, 44, is gone from our midst. He was a friend to everyone. His chief concern in life was to make others happy, and to make them laugh. He was only nine years old when he came to Elwood and he attended the Assembly of God Sunday School. He was handicapped by being overweight, and when he was 10 years old he tipped the scales at 410 pounds. However, he was a gay, happy boy and did not begrudge his fate. Rather he made the most of his talents which numbered many. He was musically inclined and played in the choir at his church. He became the idol of his playmates and could always find employment. Everybody loved Dale. He was so kind to pets and would nourish and befriend a stray pup or kitten. He liked sports, especially fishing. He liked to work at fishing resorts and filling stations. He became an emblem of the place and attracted business only to later become their friend. He was a great pal of the late Johnny Coale, who was undersized. They were frequently seen together, strolling up the highway, waving at everybody. Dale always drove a nice car. Once he drove a Cadillac, the only one in town. A good mixer, he had a wide circle of friends. Wherever he worked, his clientele would follow him young and old. He was devoted to his mother, the late Mrs. Mable Jones, a staunch church member. We shall remember Dale for his many acts of kindness, his sportsmanship and his ability to make others happy." Dale never married and never had children.

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