Arnold van Egmont was born 14 July 1410 in Egmond-Binnen, North Holland, Netherlands to Jan II van Egmond (1384-1451) and Maria van Arkel (c1385-1415) and died 23 February 1473 in Grave, North Brabant, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Katharina von Kleve (1417-1479) 26 January 1430 JL in Kleve, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), William I of England (1027-1087), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Henry II of England (1133-1189). Ancestors are from the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, the Byzantine Empire, Sweden, the United States, Belarus.


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Arnold of Egmond (14 July 1410, Egmond-Binnen – 23 February 1473, Grave) was Duke of Guelders, Count of Zutphen. He was son of John II of Egmond and Maria van Arkel.

In 1423, Arnold of Egmond, who was still a boy in years, succeeded Duke Reinoud IV. Arnold descends from Reinoud’s sister, Marguerite. Although the Emperor Sigismund had invested the Duke of Berg with the duchy of Gelders, Arnold retained the confidence of the Estates by enlarging their privileges, and enjoyed the support of Duke Philip of Burgundy. Arnold was betrothed, and afterwards united in marriage to Catherine of Cleves née Valois, a niece of Philip of Burgundy. Subsequently, however, Duke Arnold fell out with his ally as to the succession to the see of Utrecht; whereupon Philip joined with the four chief towns of Guelders in the successful attempt of Arnold's son Adolf to substitute his own for his father's authority. When Charles the Bold became Duke of Burgundy in 1467, after rejecting a compromise, Adolph was thrown into prison. Arnold, against the will of the towns and the law of the land, pledged his duchy to Charles for 300,000 Rhenish florins (1471). Upon Arnold's death two years later, Charles took possession of the duchy.


Arnold was married in Cleves on 26 January 1430 to Catherine of Cleves (1417-1479), daughter of Adolph IV, Duke of Cleves and Marie of Burgundy.


Offspring of Arnold van Egmont and Katharina von Kleve (1417-1479)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mary of Guelders (c1434-1463) 9999 Grave James II of Scotland (1430-1460)

Edward van Egmont (1434-c1434)
Willem van Egmont (c1434)
Margaretha van Gelre (1436-1486) 1436 2 November 1486 Simmern Friedrich I. von Pfalz-Simmern (1417-1480)

Adolf van Egmont (1438-1477) 12 January 1438 Grave, North Brabant, Netherlands 27 June 1477 Doornik, Belgium Catherine de Bourbon (1440-1469)

Catherina of Geldern (1439-1496) 1439 25 January 1497

He also had numerous illegitimate children.

Preceded by
Reinoud IV
Duke of Guelders
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Duke of Guelders
Succeeded by
Charles the Bold


Common ancestors of Arnold van Egmont (1410-1473) and Katharina von Kleve (1417-1479)

  1. Elisabeth van Aerschot (?-1350)
  2. Gerhard V. von Jülich (bef1250-1328)
  3. Jeanne de Valois (c1294-1342)
  4. Joanna of Hainaut (c1307-1374)
  5. Wilhelm I. von Jülich (c1299-1361)
  6. William I of Hainaut (c1286-1337)

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