Arnulf of Carinthia (850-899)

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Arnulf Carolingian of Carinthia, King of Eastern Francia, King of Italy, Holy Roman Emperor, was born 850 to Carloman of Bavaria (829-880) and Liutswind (?-?) and died 8 December 899 of unspecified causes. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814). Ancestors are from France, Belgium, Germany.


Offspring of Arnulf of Carinthia and Ota (c864-c901)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Louis the Child (893-911) 893 Error: Invalid time.

Offspring of Arnulf of Carinthia and Nomen nescio
Name Birth Death Joined with
Glismut (c866-924) 866 26 April 924 Konrad der Ältere (?-906)

Zwentibold (870-900) 870 13 August 900 Susteren Oda von Sachsen (?-952)

Ratold (889-929) 889 929
Ellinrat (?-c914) 914 Engelschalk II of Pannonia (?-?)

Namesakes of Arnulf of Carinthia (850-899)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Arnulf of Carinthia (850-899) Carloman of Bavaria (829-880) Liutswind (?-?) Ota (c864-c901)+NN
Arnulf (?-1021) Lothair (941-986)
Arnulf of Sens (c794-?) Louis the Pious (778-840) Theodelinde of Sens (?-?)

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