Biography Edit

Artemasia Rogers

Vital Statistics Edit

  • Daughter of Josiah Rogers (1760-1841) and Ruth Harris
  • 1796-Oct-30 : Birth - Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut, USA
  • 1821-Aug-27 : Marriage to Andrew King Estell (1798-1879) in Scottville, Luzerne Co, Pennsylvania
  • 1874-May-20 : Died in Burlington, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania, USA

Children of Artemasia and Andrew King Estell Edit

  1. Edward Estell (1822-1889) - m. Mary J Brown -
  2. Mary Ann Estell (b1824)
  3. Hanna Estell (1824-1901) - m. William Thurston Hall
  4. Hannah Estell (1825-1874)
  5. David A Estell (1830-1911) - m. Mary Ann Henson
  6. Frances Loraine Estell (1832-1914) - m. Adam Clark Hall (brother of William T Hall)
  7. Lucinda Estell (1834-1914) - m. Anthony V Wheeler
  8. Clarenda J Estell (1839-1857) - died age 18 and buried in Mt Lake Cemetary

References Edit

1870 US Census Edit

Taken - 1870 at Franklin Twp, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania

  1. A.K. Estell (M) - Age 71
  2. Artemesia Estell (F) - Age 72

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