Arthur Garland Cramp (1902-1973)

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Facts about "Arthur Garland Cramp (1902-1973)"RDF feed
Age at death71 +
AncestryAustralia + and United Kingdom +
Birth blurb18 April 1902
Birth date18 April 1902 +
Birth date string18 April 1902
Birth day18 +
Birth latitude-29.683 +
Birth localitySouth Grafton, New South Wales +
Birth longitude152.933 +
Birth month4 +
Birth nationAustralia +
Birth nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Birth place South Grafton, New South Wales, Australia
Birth year1,902 +
ContributorsUser:Yewenyi +
Contributors-display stringYewenyi
Death blurb1973
Death date1973 +
Death date string1973
Death latitude
Death localityTamworth, New South Wales +
Death longitude
Death nationAustralia +
Death nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Death place Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia
Death year1,973 +
FatherJohn William Cramp (1876-1929) +
Given nameArthur +
Joined with
Long nameArthur Garland Cramp +
Middle nameGarland +
MotherCharlotte Ward (1872-1955) +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexM +
Short nameArthur Garland Cramp +
Sources[ World War Two Nominal Roll

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Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameCramp +

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