The MacArthur family standing at the top of the stairs leading from a passenger aircraft. Douglas MacArthur stands behind while his wife Jean and son Arthur wave to those below.

Douglas MacArthur (rear), his wife Jean MacArthur, and their son Arthur MacArthur returning to the Philippines for a visit in 1950.

Arthur MacArthur IV (Born February 21, 1938, Manila, Philippines) is a concert pianist, writer and artist, the only child of United States Army General and Field Marshal Douglas MacArthur and grandchild of United States Army General Arthur MacArthur, both of whom won the Medal of Honor.[1] Owing to being with his parents in military locations, Arthur did not visit the United States until 1951. Arthur played piano and composed music at a young age. His father had decided his son would attend West Point (admission is guaranteed to children of Medal of Honor recipients) and become an army general. However, Arthur did not follow the military footsteps of his father and grandfather and attended Columbia University, studying music, literature, the arts and theater. Arthur MacArthur never married. He resides in Greenwich Village in New York City under an assumed name. Arthur MacArthur is active in the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Virginia where his parents are interred.[2] While a public figure due to his famous father, he has remained out of the limelight.